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Fruit Pencil Sketch

Add Light Values to the Apples

With the 4H pencil, add value and form to the apples with light lines that follow their contours. Use uniform pencil strokes to make the surfaces look smooth.

^ Add Darker Values to the Apples and Lighter Values to the Bananas

With the HB pencil, darken the shadow areas of the apples. With the 4H pencil, indicate the lighter values of the bananas. Check your work with the value scale.

Add the Darker Values of the Bananas and Finish With Shadows and Background With the HB pencil, shade the darker areas of the bananas. Use a 4B pencil to add shadows under the apples and bananas, with the darkest part closest to the fruit. Add the background value with a 4H pencil, using uniform pencil strokes. Make the apples slightly darker with a 4H pencil. Use the value scale to check your work and make any necessary adjustments. Sign and date your drawing.

Vegetable Pencil Drawing

Apples and Bananas

Graphite on drawing paper 11" X 14" (28cm X 36cm)

Apples and Bananas

Graphite on drawing paper 11" X 14" (28cm X 36cm)

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