A still life with fruit is always an interesting subject for interpreting forms through shading. This is a good demo for observing the play of light and shadow on common objects.


Using Basic Shapes (p. 27) Gauging Proportions (p. 28)

Light Effects (p. 52)

Must-Have Materials

4H, HB, 4B graphite pencils • 11" x 14" (28cm x 36cm) medium-tooth drawing paper • Drawing board • Kneaded eraser

Optional, But Not to Be Overlooked

Dividers, proportional dividers or sewing gauge • Erasing shield • Pencil sharpener • Value scale (see page 50) • White vinyl eraser

Sketch the Bananas

Clip your paper to the drawing board. With a 4H pencil, sketch in the curved, oblong forms of the bananas. For accuracy, draw the full shape of the farthest banana, even though its image is partially blocked by the banana in the foreground.

Sketch the Apples

Use the 4H pencil to sketch circles for the apples. To determine the placement of the foreground circle, draw a line under the foreground banana. Line up the foreground apple with the foreground banana.

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