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You will find certain subjects easier to draw than others. For instance, you may have a knack for drawing faces but feel you can't draw a building in perspective to save your life. When you don't feel comfortable with a certain subject, you will probably try to avoid it, but then you will not gain experience working with that subject. Challenge yourself—give some of the lessons you may deem more difficult a chance. You might even try some lessons more than once, then compare the results from your first attempt with your last. I predict that you will be amazed at the improvement in your drawing skills. You can draw all of these examples with your 4H, HB and 4B pencils. Use the 4H and HB pencils for the light and medium values and the 4B pencil for the darkest values.

Drawing Subjects Are Everywhere

Be on the lookout for drawing subjects such as these rocks. This drawing was done from a photograph taken by one of my students, Jackie Chunko.

Study of Rocks Graphite on drawing paper 11" X 14" (28cm X 36cm)

forms. You can achieve value changes by varying the type or pressure of your pencil strokes. Be particularly conscious of the location of your light source. Stormy days while the sun is still out are especially good for drawing clouds because there are so many sharp contrasts between the lights and darks of the sky.

The world around us offers an infinite number of subjects to draw. Commonplace items such as clouds and grass can be interesting by themselves or as complements to other elements in a picture.

When drawing clouds, start by sketching the outline, but use subtle value changes to show the shape and depth of their

Clouds in Sunlight

With the light source above, the tops of the clouds appear lighter, while the undersides appear darker and shadowed. One way to learn how to draw clouds in sunlight is to study the effects of light on something more solid, such as cotton balls.

Clouds Blocking the Sunlight

Clouds can be both translucent and opaque. When the light source is behind the clouds, the cloud in front of the sun will appear bright white around the thin, translucent edges where the light shines through it. The thicker parts of the cloud will appear darker because they are more opaque, blocking more of the light.

Grass in Sunlight

Line strokes can imply individual blades of grass. Use darker strokes to indicate shading and depth.

Grass Texture Dawing

Grass in Sunlight and Shadow

The background grass is shown as a dark silhouette, whereas the foreground grass is suggested with light pencil strokes. Vary the direction and spacing of the lines to make the grass look more interesting.

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