Mini Demonstration

A three-quarters view of the face shows most of the face and part of the side of the head. Keep in mind that the proportions and the placement of the elements are similar to the front view.

Must-Have Materials

Graphite pencil Drawing board Drawing paper Kneaded eraser

Human Head Shape DrawingEgg Shape Eraser

Sketch the Basic Shape Sketch an egg-shape for the three-quarters view with the chin slightly off-center toward the right.

Add the Eye Line

Add a slightly off-center horizontal line for the eyes. Sketch a vertical line through the middle of the eye line to establish the center of the face.

Add Eye Shapes and Lines for E the Nose and Mouth

Sketch the shapes of the eyes with one eye-width between them. Add a line for the nose a little less than half the distance from the eyes to the chin. Sketch a line for the mouth a little less than half the distance between the line for the nose and the chin.

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