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Start Adding Values

With a 4H pencil, add shading to the wolf, letting your pencil strokes follow the direction of the fur. With the exception of the head, keep the outer edges of the wolf light to suggest the light from the sky and the light reflected off the snow. This is a good place to start referring to your value scale as you lay down lights and darks for the rest of this demo.

Add Darks and Details to the Wolf

With the HB pencil, add the darker values to the coat and the shadow areas. Add facial details by darkening the eye, nose and mouth, leaving white spaces to indicate teeth. Add dots to the wolf's muzzle to suggest whiskers.

Add Lighter Values to the Distant Mountains

Using the 4H pencil, make back-and-forth strokes, filling in the mountains except for the area in direct sunlight.

Add Finishing Touches Call of the Wild

^ ) Now to step back from your drawing to observe the range of lights and darks in the ?!fph!t!„°n „drawin9paper r^) j ^ ' M a a ^ x lr (36cm x 28cm)

sky. Before you attempt to add the sky, consider practicing this step on a piece of scrap paper. Using a 4H pencil, add light values to the sky with long, horizontal lines. Start with light pressure at the top and gradually decrease the pressure as you work down. If you get frustrated, leave the sky white; your drawing will still be dramatic. Be encouraged. You can come back and try this again at a later date for better results. Either way, sign and date your drawing.

Expressive Portrait

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