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Add Details and Begin Shading

Add details such as the headlights, grill, windows and interior. Keep in mind that the cutouts for the wheel are shaped differently from the wheels themselves. Add some shading to the wheels and shadow under the car.

Jaguar Cars With Pencil Shading

Add Details and Shade Add more details to complete the car, such as wheel covers and chrome trim. Erase obsolete lines. Shade the form, using uniform line work to create a smooth appearance. Add another layer of darks to the wheels and shadows, giving them more contrast against the lighter values of the car.

Creating a Shiny, Metallic Surface

Rich darks and graduated values give this Jaguar a shiny metallic appearance. It is important to make uniform pencil lines to create the smooth, metallic look for the car's surface.

Jaguar Car Drawings Pencil


The graceful lines of boats and shimmering water reflections inspire great compositions. For this demonstration, we'll start with a simple side view.


Holding the Pencil (p. 15) Using Basic Shapes (p. 27)

Gauging Proportions (p. 28) Locating Vanishing Points (p. 40)

Must-Have Materials

Graphite pencil Drawing board Drawing paper Kneaded eraser

Sketch the the Lines of the Hull

Start with the lines of the hull, which tilt slightly upward on the left side.

Finish the Basic Shape of the Hull and Indicate the Cabin

Connect the ends to complete the basic shape of the hull. Add lines to indicate the placement of the cabin.

Add the Side of the Cabin and the Top of the Hull

Draw the side of the cabin and the curve of the top of the hull. The boat is viewed from the side and at a distance, making it look flat.

Chesapeake Deadrise Drawing

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