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Map Out the Value Variations in Your Reference Photos Now you can hold your scale up to a picture or scene to judge the values as you work on your drawings.

When you draw, you use lines to suggest light and dark values. The grade of pencil, the sharpness of its point, the angle of the point on the paper, the amount of pressure applied to the pencil, and the surface of the paper all influence the values you create. Even the pencil strokes you use influence the values you create on the paper.

Often type of stroke and the direction of the lines is determined by the subject. When drawing wood, the pencil lines will follow the direction of the grain; when drawing a cat, the direction of the pencil lines will follow the contours of its body.

Individual lines

Individual lines, staggered

Back-and-forth lines

Back-and-forth lines, staggered


Crosshatching, back-and-forth

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