Add the Hair, Beard and Details

Sketch in the basic form of the hair, beard and mustache. Add details throughout the drawing, erasing the obsolete guidelines in the process with a kneaded eraser. Make minor adjustments to the hat, if necessary.

Use a Small Mirror

Consider looking in a mirror throughout this demo to observe your own features so you will better understand the structure and values of the face.

Add Values to the Face

With the 4H pencil, add values to the face. Pay particular attention to the eyes; they are the soul of a portrait. Continue adding values to the face using the HB pencil for the darker places such as the creases near the eyes, the eyebrows and the nostrils. Leave the lightest areas on the cheeks completely white as highlights.

Shade the Underside of the Hat

Now add values to the underside of the hat brim. Use back-and-forth strokes to indicate the shape of the hat's underside. Use a 4H pencil for the light areas and an HB pencil for the dark, shadowy areas near the face.

for the darker shadow areas under the band and for the very top fold of the hat.

Refine the Shirt and Add Finishing Details

'vj^ Add the shirt and suspenders with a 4H pencil for the lighter areas, an HB pencil for the darker areas. If you feel that you drew the shoulders too low, add more to them along the top. Add additional darks and details. Sign and date your drawing.

£ Telling a Story Through a Drawing

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