Must-Have Materials

4H, HB, 4B graphite pencils • 11" x 14" (28cm x 36cm) medium-tooth drawing paper • Dividers, proportional dividers or sewing gauge • Drawing board • Kneaded eraser

Optional, But Not to Be Overlooked

Erasing shield • Pencil sharpener • Value scale (see page 50) < White vinyl eraser

Draw the Cylinder of the Watering Can

With a 4H pencil, sketch a square, slightly tapered at the bottom. Draw a guideline above the square to help you place the top of the ellipse. Add height to the lines on the side, then sketch the top and bottom ellipses.

Add the Spout and Handle

Use the 4H pencil to sketch the lines for the spout. Use one of your proportioning tools to compare the spout width to the width of the cylinder, using this drawing as a reference. Add lines for the handle and a curved line for the top.

Add Details to the Watering Can Add an angled ellipse at the top, ellipses around the central section as ribs, lines to connect the handle, and a small cylinder for the end of the spout.

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