Must-Have Materials

4H, HB, 4B graphite pencils • 14" x 11" (36cm x 28cm) medium-tooth drawing paper • Copier paper to be used as a frisket • Dividers, proportional dividers or sewing gauge • Drawing board • Kneaded eraser • Value scale (page 50)

Optional, But Not to be Overlooked

Pencil sharpener • Scissors • White vinyl eraser

Draw the Basic Shapes of the Head, Neck and Shoulder

With a 4H pencil, sketch an egg-shape for the head, in three-quarters view. Sketch the neck and shoulders. Add a circle indicating the shoulder joint. Check your proportions with one of the proportioning tools.

Add the Arm and Hand

Add lines for the upper and lower forearm. For correct proportions, compare the length of the upper and lower arm to the height of the head, using one of the proportioning tools. Sketch lines for the hand and basket. Add lines that indicate the ridges of the hand's knuckles and thumb. At this stage, the hand should look like a mitten, since the individual fingers are not yet defined. Sketch lines to indicate the sides and bottom of the basket.

Continue Defining the Face, Hand and Arm and Indicate the Clothing Sketch the ear and add more definition to the facial fea-

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