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Using Basic Shapes (p. 27) Gauging Proportions (p. 28) Contrast (p. 49)

Creating Values (p. 51) Lines, Tangents & Shapes (p. 90)

Must-Have Materials

4H, HB, 4B graphite pencils • 14" x 11" (36cm x 28cm) medium-tooth drawing paper • Copier paper to be used as a friskett • Dividers, proportional dividers or sewing gauge • Drawing board • Kneaded eraser • Value scale (see page 50) < White vinyl eraser

Optional, But Not to Be Overlooked

Erasing shield • Pencil sharpener • Scissors • Straightedge, triangle or angle ruler

Draw the Basic Shapes Using a 4H pencil, sketch the basic shape of the body —I and the slope of the hillside. Add a circle for the basic shape of the head. While you may be tempted to rush on to the next step, this is the time to pay attention to proportions so the finished drawing will be accurate. Use a proportioning device to check your work, making adjustments as necessary.

Sketch the Overall Shape of the Body

With the 4H pencil, sketch the shape of the body, including the legs, neck, ear, mouth, lower jaw and tail. Pay close attention to the placement of the line for the belly because this will affect how tall the legs appear. Check your work with a proportioning device and make adjustments as needed.

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Add Detail Lines to the Wolf and Sketch the Mountains

Erase obsolete guidelines with your white vinyl eraser and add details to the face, including the eye and nose, with the 4H pencil. Suggest the texture of the coat with back-and-forth lines along the outline of the body and within the body itself. Sketch in the mountains. Pay attention to where the lines of the wolf meet the lines of the mountains, making sure you do not create unwanted tangents (see page 90).

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