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Human Anatomy and Physiology premium is credited to James Ross, which help to solve some of the anatomy related issues which pose a significant challenge to the student and also young doctors. The product contains more 3000 pages with illustration and even graphics, which enhances a better understanding of the various topics in human physiology and also anatomy. It comprises of the component systems which covers many lessons. This product has been used by different practitioners and also a scholar in enhancing some better understanding of the topics in anatomy. Some of the illustrations and even graphics which are covered in the product have been researched and contain more detailed explanations which would rely upon. The product is available in the E-book, and one can download and also enjoy some bonus which would enhance some better understanding of the various topic which keeps on giving some of the problems too many people. Read more...

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Highly Recommended

Of all books related to the topic, I love reading this e-book because of its well-planned flow of content. Even a beginner like me can easily gain huge amount of knowledge in a short period.

This e-book served its purpose to the maximum level. I am glad that I purchased it. If you are interested in this field, this is a must have.

Using a Manikin for the Study of Anatomy

Female Figure Drawing Poses

The best way to study anatomy is to set up a book of anatomical diagrams before you, and set up an art-Store manikin alongside it. Draw tlie action from the manikin and the muscles from the book. You can also make rough sketches of the manikin itself for general bulk and action only, Just copying anatomical diagrams does not seem very helpful to most students. The muscles must somehow be built upon a frame or figure in order to get their proportion and relationship to the figure as a whole. The...

Foreshortening and Perspective

Sir Jacob Epstein Drawings

THE drawing opposite by Jean-Baptiste Greuze is a good example of fore-shortening and on page 43 I have posed a model somewhat similarly, but in about as difficult a pose as you could imagine. Almost every part of her is foreshortened or distorted in some way. This is done to show you one of those occasions when your brain and your eye have a head-on clash. Your mind, with its knowledge of what happens when the model stands up and the foreshortening disappears, confuses your eye, which is only...

PLATE The female hand

Hand Drawing Foreshortened View

Women's hands, like their faces, differ from those of men chiefly in having smaller bones, more delicate muvcles, and generally inore roundness of planes. If the middle finger is made at least half the length of the hand on the palm side it will l gt e more graceful and will characterize the hand as feminine. Even though feminine hands are slim, they still have amazing tenacity of grip. The long fingernails, oval in shape, add charm. PLATE 88. Make many studies of hands There is only one sure...

Rudiments Of Drawingthe Human Figure

Fashion Designing Basic Feet Drawing

Practice, tbcugh essential to perfection, can never attain that to which it aims, unless it. works under the direction of principle. Sir Joshua Reynolds ITH some the method of learning to draw, thus far developed, may have proved long and even tedious 5 while to others it may have been too rapid, and their advancement, in its practical application, may not have equalled their expectations or wishes. The former should not be disheartened because their hand and conception have not kept pace with...

Body Height

Sketch Human Figure Back Behind View

The law of proportion for the human figure is based on a unit of measurement that corresponds precisely to the measurements of the head. According to the classical laws of proportion, the total height of the human body should be equal to seven and a half heads, or seven and a half units. Praxiteles s law established a new idealization of the human body according to this model, the total height of the human body must equal eight heads. In the early twentieth century, scientific analysis set the...

The Nature Of The Facial Muscles

Everyone's face is continually reshaped in response to different moods and impulses. Watch people in conversation their faces are rarely at rest. Their features respond as they listen and accompany their voices as they speak. The fact that we are capable of so much communication with our faces is a great help in our lives as social creatures. Those around us can share in our pleasure when they see us smile or be moved to cheer us up when they see we are sad. Our faces are as expressive as they...

Freedom And Restriction In Subject

Violin Hands

Again, the two drawings here arc a contrast this time between the restrictions imposed by an object in the hands and complete freedom. In the drawing at right, the violin restricts hand position and behavior to its configurations. This would also lie true for behavior or maneuvers where machines or implements arc used. By contrast, the sketch at left is free and playful, and subject to numerous interpretations. Drawing this form allows the imagination free rein and is much less demanding than...

The Mouth analysis and structure

Female Face Sketches

The mouth is made up of two moving parts, the smaller and broader upper lip and the larger and fleshier lower lip. Where the lips join corresponds to a point one-third across each eye AA' BB' . The trapezoidal sulcus is found between the nose and the mouth, its central axis dividing the mouth exactly into two equal parts. Sketches of mouths from different perspectives. Seen in profile the upper lip is more exposed than the lower. All of the visualizations are drawn with the help of lines of...

Forms of Skull

Cranium Three Quarters View

Examined in detail, the cranial mass takes on the appearance of a helmet, flattened at the sides, with a short, thick visor projecting in front. The helmet consists of five shapes fused together. On the frontal curve of the dome, we see the shell of the forehead frontal bone which rises to the mid-region of the crown. On top, we see the crown or vault of the dome parietal bone which partly covers the top, sides, and rear of the head. In back, we see the rear bulge occipital bone which encases...

Animals In Motion

Animals Motion Drawings

Johnson hauling, head being pulled. 2. Johnson hauling, head being pulled. J. Honsel talking, free. J. Honsel talking, free. 4. Clintonambling, bareback. 4. Clintonambling, bareback. 5. Eagle trotting, free. 5. Eagle trotting, free. 6. Hansel Inttting, bareback. 6. Hansel Inttting, bareback. ft. i'lodc olden trolling, harnessed to sulky, breaking into a gallop. ft. i'lodc olden trolling, harnessed to sulky, breaking into a gallop. 9. Daisy cantering, saddled. 9. Daisy cantering, saddled. 12....

Ilium Sacrum Ischium

Drawing Human Sartorius

Names of some parts of the pelvis Figure 2.26. Names of some parts of the pelvis The femur has a ball joint at the hip, which is set at an angle. It runs from the outside to the center of the leg, making a skeleton seem more cross legged than an actual person. When someone is standing up straight, the hip joint is located exactly vertically over the foot. The kneecap is part of the tendons that stretch the leg. It lifts the tendons off the joint, and increases the leverage of the...

Drawing The Human Head

Photo Heads

When you have mastered the procedure, try it on a series of heads showing various turns to left and right. In all views, note how each measure A-B equals measure C-D. Let us, for the sake of argument, raise an important question Is the foregoing method reliable for any stage in the rotation of the head It is. Here is the proof. Suppose that we wish to give the head its greatest possible rotation, from a front view to a full side view. First, we draw the front ovoid shape and divide it, as...

Three Quarter View

Head Drawing Humans

With these measurement lines in place, complete the shape of the skull and draw in the features. This is a good time to review the details of the secondary forms we studied in the preceding chapter. Check the horizontal line-up of the nose base, cheek bone, ear, and skull base. The edge of the mouth and chin should align with the center of the eye. The ear should attach on a horizontal line drawn from the outside corner of the eye. Step 4 On this curved line C-E-D , the new center of the face,...

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