Step Three Smaller Face features and Hood

Expand on those big features and enhance them with Sidious' smaller features.

1. Nostrils: Use a shark fin shape for his nostril. It's very angular.

2. Teeth: Just a couple simple line as shown. Be sure to put his bottom teeth out farther than his upper teeth. It gives the feeling he's giving an evil laugh.

3. Bottom Lip: A simple "C" shape again. Use the bottom line of that banana shape as your guide. It should run through the middle of the "C."

4. Neck: He's got a little bit of a double chin, so don't make this line straight. Bow it down a bit.

5. Robe Clasp: Pretty simple, a triangle.

6. Hood top: Make that point at top front of his hood a little rounded so it looks more like cloth. And then draw a little dip on top of his hood in between the front of the robe, and the top of his head.

7. Hood Bottom: Do the same rounding thing to the bottom of the Hood. It's okay to extend down past your original guidelines.

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