Step Three

The horizontal placement of the eyes for a head-on view is five-eye spaces across. Since this is a three-quarter view, nudge those spaces to the right. Use your vertical bisecting line to find the center of the horizontal eye placement. You'll want about an eye space in between both of the eyes. To figure out where the nose should go draw another horizontal line that is halfway from the eye placement line to the bottom of the jaw. The nose will be centered on your vertical bisecting line, and is about an eye space wide. Also map out the ear shape towards the back of the head. The ear is the same distance as the nose -- it fits between the horizontal eye and nose lines.The horizontal line placement for the mouth is about a third of the way down from the bottom of the nose to the bottom of the jaw. For the distance the mouth is across, you can usually match it vertically with the center of both eyes. You now have the basic head mapped out! Now on to the fun stuff!

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