Step One The Head

Very basic step, but probably the most important.

1. The Head: Draw a big sideways oval in the center of the page.

2. Draw a horizontal guideline through the middle of oval.

3. Draw a vertical guideline through the middle of oval.

4. The Jaw: Draw a "V"ish shape that starts where the horizontal guide intersects with the oval, and ends where the vertical guide line intersects with the bottom of the oval.

5. Draw a horizontal guideline where the jaw line intersects with the oval.

6. Draw a horizontal guideline half way between the two horizontal guidelines you previously drew. Step Two: Big Face features and Hood

What are the biggest features on Darth Sidious' face?

1. Nose: Draw a "V"ish shape for his nose. Make sure the tip of his nose lines up with your middle horizontal guideline.

2. Eyes: For now make a small circle just below the top horizontal guideline.

3. Brow: Make two vertical ovals just above the nose and where the nose intersects with the top front corner of the eye.

4. Mouth: Pretend you are drawing half of a banana. The bottom horizontal guideline should run through the center of the fat end (of the half banana). The pointy side should not go much further back than the eye, and should not go higher than the center horizontal line.

5. Chin: Draw a "C" at the bottom of the Jaw line. Just to make the chin protrude a little more.

6. Hood: Try to copy the shape that I have drawn, but notice that it's almost like a triangle attached to a rectangle.

Line Drawings Tkd

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