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Now you get to start adding more detail, but keep it loose and light. Add some folds in the Jawa's robes, and draw boxes along the his belt -because that's where you'll be drawing his pouches and bags. You may want to have part of his hood drape over one of his eyes, too, as seen in the sample.

Jawa Star Wars Drawing
Step Five: Step Six:

Now you're ready to fill in all the final details. Use your pencil to lightly shade in the dark parts of the Jawa, such as his hands and face. Spend some time fleshing out the belts, pouches, feet, and robes. The great thing about Jawas is they all carry different gizmos and gadgets, so you can add almost anything you want. In this example the Jawa a little stun gun, so that when he finds a stray droid, he can capture it without harming it.

Once you're happy with the look of your pencil drawing, add ink. Use any pen or marker that you're comfortable with. For thsi, I used a Faber-Castell brush pen. Carefully draw over your pencil lines, and once you''e done (made sure the ink is dry) go ahead and erase your pencil lines. This will give your drawing a nice, crisp look.

Star Wars Pencil Drawings

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