Step Four Fine Face details

Now put some of those details that make Darth Sidious stand out in a crowd. What makes him really ugly?

1. Ridges on brow: Draw a couple of arches through the "Brow" shapes you drew earlier. They should kind of look like Easter eggs now.

2. Facial scars: Starting on top of the nose, make four swooping lines under the eye, going back to the hood. It should look somewhat like the "Puma" shoes logo.

3. Bottom eye lid: Draw a curved line that starts where the bottom of the "brow" shapes meet with the top line of those facial scars you just drew. This line should cut off the bottom of the eye circle and extend back to the hood.

4. Eye Pupil: Draw a small circle inside the eye circle. Put it to the right side of the eye circle. Then draw a dot in the center of the small circle you just drew.

5. Nostril: Draw a sideways comma, well a big comma, but that's what it looks like.

6. Back of Hood: A simple little "v" shape at the back of the hood will do.

Female Face Proportions Drawing

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