Step Four

Facial Features

Green -- First make some circle shapes to represent his circular features. Eyes: Make some side ways ovals, using the intersection of guidelines (top horizontal guide, and the left and right vertical guides) as the center point. The bottom of the ovals should lie on the middle horizontal line.

Nose: Make a smaller oval that fits right between the top and middle horizontal guides. Using the middle vertical guideline as your center point. Cheeks: Make small circles that fit between the middle and lower horizontal lines. These circles should be touching the big circle. Chin: Make an oval about the same size as the eyes. Use the middle vertical line as your guide. The bottom of the oval should sit at the bottom of the big circle.

Red -- next we will do the more angular shapes. Brow: This is an odd shape - a cross between a box and a triangle. Use your middle vertical guideline as a center point. The bottom of this odd shape Should lie around the top of the eye ovals.

Inner ears: Repeat the "V" shapes you made in Step 2, only make them smaller, and inside your original "V" shapes.

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