Step Five

Once you have the basic features mapped out how you like them, you can start to erase your construction lines, and draw the features in darker and with more confidence. This is important to making your drawing look professional.The eyes are very important, since it's what people will focus on most. Drawing in furrowed eyebrows will help add some sinister mystery to Anakin's overall look. Some shading under his brow will also set his eyes back, and help give that troubled look of his unknown destiny. Shade in his blue irises, but the darkest part will be the black pupil in the center. Render out the nose, ear and mouth better, too. A small cast shadow under the nose will help to make it look like it's protruding from the face. For the lips, the upper lip is angled down, so it's always darker. However, adding a cast shadow under the bottom lip will help to make it look like it's protruding, just like the nose.

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Pencil Drawing Beginners Guide

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