How To Draw Star Wars Lego

Use a small curve at the bottom of Kit's mouth to give him a lower lip. Add some shine to Kit's eyes and we're done with his face for now. Let's start working on Kit's clothing! Between the tentacles over his shoulders and just a little down from his chin, draw a V. Now draw a vertical line from the middle of his chin to give him a collar. Using the circle we had in place as a guide, draw Kit's hand. Use sausage shapes for the fingers and a curvy sausage for his thumb. Don't be discouraged if you don't get this right straight away. Hands can be hard to master. Once you have the hand done, roughly draw in Kit's lightsaber. While you're doing that, draw a couple of vertical lines to give the illusion of his sleeve.

How Draw Star Wars Lego

Add some detail to Kit's lightsaber, two lines at the part above his hand, and then many little lines where his palm is. (Use a ruler if you have to.) Don't forget that the space between the two lines at the bottom of the saber is slightly bigger than the ones on his palm. In this larger space, draw a vertical line about 1/3 of the way in. Add some detail and depth to Kit Fisto's sleeves using two vertical lines and one diagonal line, and add more detail to the front of Kit's robes.

Lego Star Wars Kit Fisto And Plo Koon

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    How to draw lego star wars kit fisto characters?
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