Drawing the Rancor Monster

January 03, 2007

Ever wanted to draw Star Wars characters and vehicles just like the professional comic book artists? In this step-by-step series, Star Wars artists and illustrators show you how to draw some of the most beloved characters in the saga.

This towering hulk of muscle and reptilian flesh known as the rancor monster walks on two stubby legs and uses his long arms to capture prey thrown in his shadowy chamber beneath Jabba the Hutt's throne room.

Star Wars illustrator David Rabbitte explains with these easy-to-follow steps on how to draw the ferocious rancor monster from Return of the Jedi.

Steps 1-6 are to be drawn lightly with a pencil. No pen, no dark lines. Finished lines and details will come at the end.

Lego Star War Rancor

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