Drawing a Jawa

May 17, 2006

Ever wanted to draw Star Wars characters and vehicles just like the professional comic book artists? In this step-by-step series, Star Wars artists and illustrators show you how to draw some of the most beloved characters in the saga.

As the galaxy's best recyclers, Jawas understand the true value of a discarded droid better than anyone. They comb the deserts of Tatooine in search of crap metal and abdandoned droids. Using their makeshift weaponry, they can shut down droids and drag them to their treaded homes on wheels known as sandcrawlers. Appearing as meter-tall humanoids they are completely hidden behind rough, handwoven robes. Their faces are hidden within the dark folds of a cowl, all execpt their glowing yellow eyes.

Star Wars illustrator Grant Gould explains with these easy-to-follow steps on how to draw a Jawa. Steps 1-5 are to be drawn lightly with a pencil. No pen, no dark lines. Finished lines and details will come at the end.

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  • sanelma
    How to draw star wars jawa?
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    How to draw star wars jawas?
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