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Kevin Lynch, in his book Image of the City (MIT Press, 1961). described edges, landmarks, nodes, and paths as the prime visual attractions of the city. Seeing in sketching is quite similar. The three major categories in formal perception are:

• Skyline—look for the mass, landmarks, nodes, and figure/ground relationship (Figure a).

• Light/shade contrast—identify the light source, as it helps to pictorialize the shape of the masses (Figure b).

• Lines, paths, and edges—these help to identify perspective and locate reference planes and vanishing points (Figure c).

photograph of a city 60

Freehand Sketching Light ShadeFreehand Sketching Light Shade
b light/shade contrast, shape identification
Cross Section Kids
C line, edge, and perspective
Mass Gesture Drawing

Title: Studies

Original size: 20 x 28 inches Medium: thin felt-tip markers on watercolor paper Technique: line sketching

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Freehand Sketching An Introduction

Freehand Sketching An Introduction

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