Special Perspective

Bird's-eye views are among the most frequently used perspectives for special effects in sketching. The behavior of the horizontal parallel lines is the same as in ordinary perspectives. However, the vertical parallel lines can be drawn either parallel or converging to a point below (Figure a) or above (Figure b) the horizon line This shift of parallelism exaggerates the scale and extends the sense of height. This technique is often used to sketch tall objects such as highrises or monuments.

Perspective SketchingSketching Fundamentals

Title: studio demonstration Original size: 11x17 inches Medium: color markers on watercolor paper Technique: outlining of spatial edges with black pentel after the masses were rendered and filled on broad color i

Name Point Perspective Lesson

Title: Hotel

Original size: 1 2 x 20 inches Medium: markers and color pencil on yellow tracing paper Technique: line drawing

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