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Sketching is an artistic act. There are two types of sketching: life drawing, (i.e., you sketch what you see) or recall sketching (i.e.. sketching from memory). Sketching is a very complicated interactive process between the eyes and the hands. In the course of transforming real images into symbols, one goes through three distinct stages: object identification, shape simplification, and finally image recording. Keep in mind that this is an oversimplified analysis of the sketching process. What really goes on in your mind and how you graphically express an image are complex and beyond our understanding. Sketching is a gradual learning process. You must learn how to draw before you can sketch. It is like learning how to walk before you can run. Being able to draw precisely. carefully, and realistically is a necessary discipline before attempting

Title: Urban Space Study Original size: 8x11 inches Medium: markers on white tracing paper Technique: quick sketch the more difficult task of graphic shorthand. Life drawing, therefore, is a prerequisite skill that enables you to learn how to draw precisely.

Life drawing sets up the fundamentals of sketching. It is an exercise for your eyes, hands, and the entire linkage system. Life drawing not only lets you study the object with your eyes, it sometimes involves taking real measurement of the dimensions and angles, or recording the materials and textures with photographs. These routines habitually force your eyes to keenly record the image and. therefore, remember it. The fact that you remember the image is crucial to sketching from recollection or memory. Often you cannot recall images because you don't have them in your visual data bank. The idea that we can't draw often derives from the lack of anything to recall. It is not a matter of skill

Female Anatomy Line Drawings
a sketching process
Female Anatomy Line Drawings

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Freehand Sketching An Introduction

Freehand Sketching An Introduction

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