Picture Plane

Sketching records a three-dimensional scene onto a two-dimensional surface. Before the image is drawn, it must be temporarily captured on a hypothetical plane called the picture frame. This function is very similar to that of the camera, in which the image is recorded on film in less than a second. The picture frame is used to determine the size of the sketch and the amount of the coverage. It frames those objects that you want to sketch and blocks out the undesirable ones (Figure a). The opening of the picture frame should be proportional to the paper used Empty slide mounts are very convenient tools for framing purposes. Simply hold the mount in front of you and move it back and forth to determine how much you want to sketch. If the frame is closer to the object, the amount of coverage is reduced and the size of the object is increased On the other hand, if the frame is closer to you. the amount of coverage increases and the size of ob jects becomes smaller (Figure b) Most experienced artists bypass this step, not because they think it unnecessary, but because their eyes can automatically do the cropping within the picture frame.

a ways to set up picture plane
b position of the picture plane and viewing distance
Sketching Planes
Freehand Sketching An Introduction

Freehand Sketching An Introduction

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