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The character of a sketch relies a great deal upon the surface on which it is drawn. Pay close attention to the type of paper you use and understand its characteristics as you get acquainted with your markers. There are many choices, and you should discover your favorites by a process of trial and error. In general, avoid papers that can be penetrated and that bleed easily, unless you desire a special effect. The beginner should try Aqua-bee felt-tip-marker paper, which has a waxy coating on the reverse side, or Aquabee magic visualizer. Advanced and daring sketchers can try watercolor paper, tracing paper, rice paper, or even white dinner napkins. Your creativity and imagination are your only limits, and appropriateness is a matter of taste.

Some popular varieties of paper are the following:

• Bristol board is smooth, thick-bonded, with a high gloss, and is excellent for fine-line drawing.

• Blueprint paper is soft, absorbent, and loose in fiber; bleeding and penetration are difficult to control.

• Rice paper has a coarse texture, is highly absorbent, and exhibits an unpredictable bleeding pattern. It has an explosive effect when wet. There is a vast range in quality.

• Watercolor paper, which has a coarse, rough surface, will wear out fine-nib markers. It has an excellent surface for tone and mixed media, but it is not suited for line drawing.

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Eberhard Faber Gloss
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Art Marker Pointednib

Title: H. H Richardson's Railroad Station. Easton, Massachusetts Original size: 9x12 inches Medium: Eberhard Faber (pointed-nib) on bristol board Technique: line drawing

Paper Sketching

Title: same as page 19

Original size: same

Medium: Eberhard Faber (pointed-nib)

on watercolor paper

Technique: line drawing

Creating Sketching Techniques

Title: same as page 19

Original size: same

Medium: Eberhard Faber (pointed-nib)

on rice paper

Technique: line drawing is.

Wide Thigh Gap

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