Successful Sketch

A good sketch is like a breath of fresh air. Looking at it should be an enlightening experience. The subject matter should be interesting, the composition should be appropriate and pleasing, and viewers must be able to see themselves in the picture rather than functioning merely as onlookers. The line should be forceful and should flow in a meaningful way. The strokes of the marker and the colors you use should evoke a sense of relaxation and freedom.

Sketch beyond the four borders of the sheet. Allow the lines to flow and extend beyond the page. The most unconstruc-tive habit in sketching is to confine yourself within a fixed border. Marker movement should be fast and precise. Avoid hesitation, which can cause bleeding and uneven line width. Let the marker rotate freely at your fingertip. Acquire a good sense of scale, proportion, and perspective. and other skills will come automatically with practice.

Title: Kowloon. Hong Kong Original size: 8V1 x 11 inches Medium: Pilot fine-line and watercolor marker on watercolor paper Technique: line drawing and wash

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Black Marker Sketches Nature

Title; Toronto Island Park Original size: 8V2 x 11 inches Medium: color marker on bristol board Technique: fine branches were outlined with brown ultra-fine nib


color marker on Aquabee felt-tip marker paper

a study the perspective: identify the horizon and all the reference planes: pay attention to the change in elevation and the shift of vanishing point from the horizon to the top of the steps: lay out with pencil and a thin marker

Engineering Pilot Sketch

b sketch the general outline with a Pilot razor-point marker, capture the major elements first: no details s

mm c apply the first coat of color; use lighter colors for base, apply with broad strokes; move quickly over the paper; and don't worry about going over the predrawn edges

d build up the three-dimensional quality by applying darker values and grays

e add accent colors to people, signs, and decorative ornaments: add grays and black to the shaded sides: add shadows

f sharpen the spatial edges and details with a fine-point marker: redefining edges may be necessary due to marker bleeding

Title: Old Cairo. Egypt Original size: 14x17 inches Medium: Eberhard Faber markers on rice paper, watercolor Technique: use black marker to outline the sketch: wash with black and gray: highlight the figure with bright color

Title: Egyptian Farm House. Cairo Original size: 11x17 inches Medium: Eberhard Faber on rice paper, blacks and olive green watercolor Technique: sketch with markers; use broad brush strokes to fill in the spaces; highlight the trees with light olive green


Eberhard pointed-nib on rice


a outline the scene with quick strokes; know exactly the locations of reference planes

Religious Persecution Cartoon

b hold the marker broadside to obtain thicker line width: lift the marker off the paper immediately after every stroke

Black Light Hand Washing Demonstration

c wash the sky and shaded areas with light gray ink; leave planes facing the sun white: let dry

d sharpen spatial edges with the pointed-nib marker; then it's done: hands off: don't overdo it


fine-line marker, watercolor on watercolor paper a outline the scene with a Pilot razor-point marker; avoid details

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