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"Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up. "

-pablo picasso

Do you want to learn to draw? You may have a feeling that you're meant to draw, that it could be fun, and might even become a significant part of your life. Your desire may even be a passionate one, as though you're being led to it by an invisible force. After all, our ancestors drew with rudimentary tools on the walls of caves, so there's historical precedent for our impulse to draw.

Maybe you've had a secret (or not so secret) wish for art in your life, and now you feel ready to act on it. You may be a parent who, stimulated by your child's love of art, wants some of that creative joy for yourself. Or perhaps you're a teacher who wants to help budding artists in the classroom, or a retiree looking for a rewarding way to spend free time. You may want to learn drawing fundamentals as a way to open the door to other art forms, like painting.

While there are many different paths to the art of drawing, everyone wants to learn this visual language in order to express what can't fully be expressed in words.

Drawing is a learnable skill, accessible to anyone who decides to activate his or her potential. You've already made a significant step in that direction simply by picking up a book on learning to draw. Being receptive to the possibility of drawing is the first important step toward acquiring the skill.

Now that you've taken that first step, the next step is to use a method designed to meet your needs as a beginner. Drawing for the Absolute and Utter Beginner is designed for people who want to explore their artistic side, but have no previous experience with art. You'll start at the very beginning, where you don't have to know anything at all about art or how to draw, and acquire technical skills and an understanding of how and when to use them in a logical, step-by-step manner.

Although I developed the studio course on which this book is based expressly for people with no artistic experience, it has also been useful to not-quite beginners, such as seasoned painters and graphic designers who may have missed a foundation in drawing. Photographers, familiar with composing images, may want to express with hand on paper what they've used a camera to record. Other not-quite beginners may have once been budding artists who began to develop their artistic potential but others often find something beautiful in what we self-judge as less than perfect. So it's more than learning the art of drawing. It's also about the art of self-acceptance. "

-student anita st. marie

7 learned that

"I was doing volunteer work at the Whitney Museum and thought it would be so wonderful ij I myself could do something in art!"

-student barbara kops

"I was doing volunteer work at the Whitney Museum and thought it would be so wonderful ij I myself could do something in art!"

-student barbara kops were dissuaded from it or interrupted midstream. Perhaps an authority figure's unintentionally cruel remark derailed their artistic progress, or they were made to feel that it was wrong or impractical to pursue creative interests. For all those people, drawing remains much like a lost language, until finally, as adults, they are willing to explore their innate ability to draw as a means of expressing and sharing their feelings, thoughts, and impressions.

Drawing is to our experience of the visual world what handwriting is to our spoken language. Ifyou can read this book and writejour name,jou can learn to draw.

Drawing is a universal, but underused, human capacity, well within reach of the so-called "average" person. But if this capacity is so natural to us, why is it that so few adults can draw? We were all artists in elementary school. Remember crayons and glue, scissors and paint? We felt comfortable using a visual means to express ourselves then. Yet, by adolescence, there are few artists left among us. Why is that the case?

Just as adult beginners aren't satisfied with drawing like a young child, many adolescents are equally embarrassed by their inability to record "acceptable" images on paper. This is not to say that representational art is preferable to childhood symbol art. It's simply that the expressive, symbolic art of the young child gives way to the older child's desire to portray a more literal view of the world. Basic drawing techniques can form the technical bridge between these two stages. But unless an effective program is available to teach those necessary new skills, there is no vehicle through which young artists can express their newly developed perspective on the world, and a natural artistic progression comes to a halt.

Among adolescent and adult beginners who do start the process of reviving their artistic life, many are focused on the talent quest. Much as they might want to develop their artistic potential, they fear they're destined to be a person with "no talent" who can "never learn to draw." But it's simply not the case that only a handful among us are equipped to pursue meaningful artistic expression. Drawing is a capacity that is developed, not something that springs fully formed from one's hands. The best way to learn how to draw is to forget about the talent quest and even any long-term drawing goal that you might have. Instead, this book asks you to focus only on the step-by-step instruction—a learning process designed to give you the understanding and skills needed to begin drawing with confidence.

"I doodled and wanted to go to art school. I had these pictures in my head that I wanted to get down on paper."

-student michelle g. cappell1er!

"I had always thoughtjou can either draw orjou can't draw. Now I've learned that ifyou practice drawing,jou can get better at it.

-student helen lobrano

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