Shadow Sketches

Fruit With Shadows Drawing

Put some of your fruits and veggies on a plain, middle-value surface. A plain gray cloth (or other middle-value color) is ideal. Light them to bring out dimensionality. Using your 14"-x-17" drawing pad, make a few sketches in charcoal, concentrating on contour and those shadow shapes you identified in Chapter 4, just to get a feel for the medium. Practice smudging the charcoal dust with your finger, or if you'd prefer, substitute a QjTip for a similar effect.

"I discovered a medium that I loved, charcoal, where I could be messy, spontaneous, and less precise. "

-student sherry artemenko

The contrasting dark values of skillfully applied cast shadows anchor items to the surface they sit on and enhance a drawing's overall visual appeal as shown on these two pages, student drawings, by sherry artemenko (pear, top) and pamela m. heberton (peppers, bottom)
Draw Hair With Charcoal

student drawings, by mary |q fusaro (peaches, top) and sherry artemenko (lemons, bottom)

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    How to draw still life shadow drawing?
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    How to draw a fruit with shadow?
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