Seeing to Draw 13

A Time and Place to Draw 36

Previewing 37

EXERCISE Pretzel Preview 37

EXERCISE Gesture Writing Your Name 38

Turning Edges into Objects 23

Look Before You

Leap 24 Problem Solvers 26 Re-Viewing Your 3D

Drawings 28 Locating What's Good 29 Claiming Your Success 30

Adding Accuracy 25

Recording Edges: Contour Drawing 14 EXERCISE Wire Drawing 14 Recording Shapes Upside Down 16

EXERCISE Upside-Down Drawing 16 Seeing As an Artist 19

EXERCISE Close at Hand 69


EXERCISE Circles and Larger Circles 39 Plumblines and Levels 40 EXERCISE Ellipse 40 EXERCISE Cylinder 41 EXERCISE Bowl 41 Underdrawing 42

EXERCISE Bottle 43 Drawing Asymmetrical Objects 45 EXERCISE Sketching Irregular Forms 45 EXERCISE Wrapping Your Hand 46 Additional Accuracy Tools 48 Drawing Angles 50 Summary 52

chapter 4

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