Absolute and Utter Beginner

Claire Watson Garcia watson-guptill publications / new york

Beginners Human Body SketchesJoy Aquilino

Senior Acquisitions Editor, joy Aquilino Edited by Robbie Capp Designed by Areta Buk Cover designed by Sivan Earnest Graphic Production by Hector Campbell Text set in 11-pt. Berthold Caramond


Unless otherwise identified, all artwork by the author. pace i: Drawing by Claire Watson Garcia page 2: Drawings, top row from left, by student Bob Pingarron, Claire Watson Garcia; center row from left, student Nancy Opgaard, student Linda Fitzgerald; bottom row from left, student Anne Ballantyne, student Kim Nightingale pace 3: Drawings, top row from left, student jane Wolansky, Claire Watson Garcia; bottom row from left, Claire Watson Garcia, student Anne Ballantyne page 4: Drawing by student Sherry Artemenko pages 8-9: Drawings, from left, by student Ann Porfilio, Anita St. Marie, student Barbara Kops, student Michelle G. Cappellieri

Copyright © 2003 by Claire Watson Garcia

First published in 2003 in the United States by Watson-Guptill Publications,

Nielsen Business Media, a division of The Nielsen Company 770 Broadway, New York, NY 10003 www.watsonguptill.com

LIBRARY OF CONGRESS CONTROL NUMBER 2003105861 ISBN-13: 978-0-8230-1395-1 ISBN 0-8230-1395-2

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Printed in Singapore

First printing 2003

This book is dedicated to the memory of my father, Winsor Hays Watson Jr., with deep love, admiration, and gratitude.


The support and love of my family, especially my husband, Baxter, daughter, Liz, mother, Jan, brother, Win, and my late father, have been invaluable. At Watson-Guptill, I am grateful to Joy Aquilino, senior acquisitions editor, for her vision; to editor Robbie Capp, book designer Areta Buk, and cover designer Sivan Earnest, for availing me of their many talents; and to Hector Campbell, the project's production manager. My thanks go to the staff of Silvermine School of Art, in New Canaan, Connecticut, especially to Anne Connell and Lynne Arovas. Debbie Beaudry, Janie Bronson, Kari Lonning, Annie Wood, and A1 Roberts-friends with generous hearts and great "eyes"—gave me wonderful assistance. My gratitude goes to Putnam Imaging Lab in Danbury, Connecticut, in particular, to Josh Burkholder and Ed Simonovich. And a special, heartfelt thanks to the students at Silvermine who contributed directly to the creation of this book, as well as to the many others who allowed me to teach them and learn from them over the years.

about the author

Claire Watson Garcia is an artist and instructor at the renowned Silvermine School of Art in New Canaan, Connecticut, where her "Absolute and Utter Beginner" courses and workshops have been popular for more than twenty years. She was educated at Smith College, University of California-Berkeley, and California College of Arts and Crafts. She lives in Ridgefield, Connecticut.

Recording Edges: Contour Drawing 14 EXERCISE Wire Drawing 14 Recording Shapes Upside Down 16

EXERCISE Upside-Down Drawing 16 Seeing As an Artist 19


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