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Collector's Series books are excellent additions to any library, offering a comprehensive selection of projects drawn from the most popular titles in our How to Draw and Paint series. These books take the fundamentals of a particular medium, then further explore the subjects, styles, and techniques of featured artists.

CSOJ, CS02, CS04: Paperback, J44 pages, 9" x 12" CS03: Paperback, 224 pages, 10-1/4" x 9"

The Artist's Library series offers both beginning and advanced artists many opportunities to expand their creativity-, conquer technical obstacles, and explore new media. You'W find in-depth, thorough information on each sublet or art technique featured in the book. Each book is written and illustrated by a well-known artist who is qualified to help take eager learners to a new level of expertise. Paperback, 64 pages, 6-112" x 9-112"


The How to Draw and Paint series includes these five stunning new titles to enhance an extensive collection of books on every subject and medium to meet any artist's needs. Specially written to encourage and motivate, these new books offer essential information in an easy-to-follow format. Lavishly illustrated with beautiful drawings and gorgeous art, this series both. instructs and inspires.

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ADVENTURE PACKS (seeprices below) TAK1. Adventures in Art: Travel Art Pack ($14.95)

TAK2. Starrer Fact Pack ($19.95) TAK3. Pathfinder Fact Pack ($19.95) TAK4. Nature Watching Fact Pack ($19.95) ARTIST'S LIBRARY SERIES ($8.95 ca.)

AL01. Painting in Oil—William Palluth AL02. Watercolof—Duane R. Light AL03. Pencil Drawing—Gene Franks AL04. Acrylics— R. Bradford Johnson AL05. Color and How to Use It—

William F. Powell AL06. Pen & Ink—Carl Glassford AL07. Colored Pencils—Morrell Wise AL08. Pastels—Leslie 6. OeMille AL09. Airbrushing—Peter West ALIO. Calligraphy—GeneMetcalf ALU. Perspective— William F. Powell AL14. Cartooning— Hal Tollison AL15. Calligraphy & Lettering Design—

Arthur New ha 11 AL16. Watercolor with Mixed Media—

Duane R. Light AL17. Oil Painting Materials—

William F. Powvll AL18. Watercolor & Acrylic Materials—

William F. Powell AL20. Felt Pen & Watercolor—Duane R. Light

AL21. Sculpturing—Domenico Mazzone AL22. Egg Tempera Painting—Kirk Miller AL23. Oil PaintingTechniques—William F. Powell

AL24. Marker Rendering—Todd Murrison AL25. Charcoal Drawing—Ken Goldman AL26. Realistic Painting—Daniel Tennant AL27. Mix Your Own Watercolors

John Lidzey AL28. Mix Your Own Acrylics— Jill Mirza and Nick Harris AL29. Mix Your Own Oil Colors—Jeremy Galton

AL30. Composition—James Horton AL31. Photo Tinting—Fd Krebs with

William F. Powell AL32. Glass Painting—Diana Fisher AL33. Modeling with Polymer Clay—

David Kracov ART START KITS ($9.95 ea.) AS01. Marker Mania AS03. Paint Pandemonium COLLECTOR'S SERIES (see prices Mow) CS01. Pencil Drawing—Gene Franks ($19.95) CS02. Watercolors ($19.95) CS03. Cartoon Animation—Preston Blair

($24.95) CS04. Cartooning ($19.95) COLOR MIXING RECIPE CARDS ($7.95 ea.) CRC1. Color Mixing Recipe Cards—

William F. Powell CRAFTS FOR CHILDREN KIT ($12.95 ea.) CCK1. Create Your Own Cartoons

Drawing Kit CRAFTS FOR CHILDREN SERIES ($4.95 ca.) CC01. Face Painting CC02. Creative Crafts CC03. Papier-M£ch6 CC04. Children's Costumes CC05. Print Making CC06. Making Kites CC07. Making Models CC08. Making Masks CC09. jewelry Making CC10. Papercrafts

CREATE YOUR OWN 3-D MODELS ($6.95 ea.) EP01. 3-D Dinosaurs EP02. 3-D Bugs

EP03. 3-D Endangered Animals CREATE YOUR OWN PUNCH-OUT KITS ($6.95 ea.) SB01. Hand Puppets SB03. Christmas Cards and Decorations SB04. Greeting Cards SB05. Halloween Fun DC COMICS ANIMATION CEL PAINTING BOOKS ($16.95 ea.) CBCI. Batman CBC2. Superman


CBOI. Batman

CB02. Superman CB03. Wonder Woman CB04. DC Comics Super Heroes CB05. Batman Beyond


DC01. How to Draw Bambi DC02. How to Draw The Little Mermaid DC03. How to Draw Beauty & the Beast DC04. How to Draw Aladdin DC05. How to Draw Snow White & the

Seven Dwarfs DC06. How to Draw The Lion King DC07. How to Draw Pocahontas DC08. How to Draw The Hunchback of

Notre Dame DC09. How to Draw Hercules DC 10. How to Draw Mulan DC 11. How to Draw A Bug's Life DC 12. How to Draw Tarzan* DC13. How to Draw Toy Story DC 14. How to Draw Dinosaur DISNEY'S DOUG* ($14.95 ea.) DG1K. Disney's Doug# Doodle Desk DISNEY'S LEARN TO DRAW SERIES ($8.95 ea.)

DS01. Mickey and Minnie DS05. Winnie the Pooh DISNEY'S MAKE YOUR OWN PUNCH-OUT CRAFTS ($7.95 ea.) DMYOI. Winnie the Pooh DPSB1W. Valentines DPSB3W Finger Puppets DISNEY SNAP PACKS ($12.95 ea.) DS01P. Mickey and Minnie DS05P. Winnie the Pooh DRAW ALONG WITH STUART LITTLE ($5.95 ea.)

SL1. Stuart Little in New York City HANDS-ON CRAFTS ($9.95 ea.) ACK1. Craft Your Own Clock HOW TO DRAW AND PAINT SERIES ($7.95 ea.)

Beginner's Guides (NEW!)

263. TV Artist jerry Yarnell Paints Landscapes in Acrylic— Jerry Yarnell

264. Starling Out in Oil Painting— Robert Moore

265. Starling Out in Watercolor— Caroline Linscott

266. Starting Out Drawing—Mike Butkus

268. Starting Out in Pastel—Ken Goldman

269. Starting Out in Cartooning—Jack Keely

270. Step-by-Step Cartooning—Jack Keely

271. Step-by-Step Watercolor—Geri Medway

272. Step-by-Step Oil Painting—Barry Thomas

273. Starting Out in Acrylic—Ken Goldman Animals

10. Drawing Dogs— Walter Foster

11. Drawing Horses—Walter Foster

12. Drawing Animals—Walter Foster

13. Drawing Cats—Walter Foster 135. Horse Heads—Don Schwartz

189. Painting Baby Animals —Sadako Mano 222. Animals in Watercolor—Marilyn Grame 228. Painting Horses in Oil—Cindy Larimore

231. Animals in Pencil—Gene Franks 235. Animals in Pastel—Marilyn Grame

261. Sea Life in Oil—Mia Tavonatti Cartoons

25. Basic Animation (previously titled Cartoon Animation: Basic Skills)— Walter Foster

26. Cartoon Animation—Preston Blair 134. Cartoon Critters—Fd Nofziger

190. How to Animate Film Cartoons— Preston Blair

220. Comic Strips—Roger Armstrong

221. Creating Cartoon Characters— Don Jardine

232. Creating Cartoon Animals—Don Jardine 260. U Can Cartoon!—Jack Keely

262. Cartoon Heroes & Villains—Mia Tavonatti Landscapes

180. Beautiful Landscaped

Anton Gutknecht 186. Adventures in Acrylics & Oils/1 —

Bob Bates 198. Beautiful Landscapes/2— Anton Gutknecht

205. Watercolor Step-by-Step— Kolan Peterson

206. Clouds & Skyscapes—William F. Powell

207. Special Effects in Watercolor— Kolan Peterson

208. The Magic of Oil Painting/2— William Alexander

225. Landscapes in Pencil—Gene Franks 245. Landscapes in Watercolor— Kathy Caudill

252. Landscapes Wet-on-Wet— William Alexander

258. Drawing Landscapes—William F. Powell

259. Drawing Trees— William F. Powell Portraits and Figures

17. Drawing Heads—Walter Foster

20. Drawing Female Figures—Russell Iredell

21. Human Anatomy—Walter Foster 106. Faces & Features—Fritz Willis 191. Figures in Action—Andrew L(X)mis 197. Drawing the Head—Andrew Loomis 234. People of the World in Pencil-

Gene Franks 238. Portraits in Oil—Annette Adrian Hanna 240. Portraits in Pastel—Ken Goldman 257. Heads & Figures in Pencil—

William F. Powell Seascapes

101. Ocean Sunsets—Violet Parkhurst 183. Seascapes & Landscapes—Vernon Kerr 229. Seascapes in Watercolor—Frank Germain 244. Wave Action—Irene Lumgair Special Subjects

1. How to Draw/1—Walter Foster

5. The Art of Watercolor—Walter Foster

6. The Art of Pastels— Walter Foster 29. Perspective Drawing—Ernest Norling 56. Mixing Colors & Materials to Use—

Walter Foster 69. Chinese Painting—The Chows 154. Understanding Color— William F. Powell 201. Small Paintings That Sell—Lola Ades 211. Calligraphy & Lettering—Al Mack

213. Watercolor Workshop/1 —Rose Edin

217. Buildings in Pencil—Gene Franks

226. Painting in 4 Mediums— William Palluth

227. The Art of Calligraphy—Arthur Newhall 233. Chinese Brush Painting—Lucy Wang

236. Watercolor Workshop/2—Rose Edin 243. Colored Pencil Drawing—Sandra Angelo

Still Lifes

130. Roses & Other Flowers— Lola Ades 157. Flowers & Designs to Copy—Lola Ades

214. Roses & Floral Bouquets— Lola Ades

215. Still Life in Pencil—Gene Franks

218. Floral Bouquets—Lola Ades

237. Flowers in Watercolor—Shirle Bedient

253. Flowers Wet-on-Wet—Lowell Speers

254. Floral Scenes in Watercolor— Joan Hansen

255. Drawing Flowers—William F. Powell

256. The Art of Still Life— William F. Powell "I CAN DRAW" SERIES ($4.95 ea.)

ICD1. "I Can Draw" Animals ICD2. "I Can Draw" Dinosaurs ICD3. "I Can Draw" Things That Move ICD4. "I Can Draw" Cartoon Animals ICD5. "I Can Draw* Cartoons ICD6. "I Can Draw" Creepy Creatures ICD7. "I Can Draw" Bugs ICD8. I Can Draw ICD9. "I Can Draw" Bible Characters ICD10. Ml Can Draw" Sea Creatures ICD11. "I Can Draw" Big Machines ICD12. "I Can Draw" Horses cS< Ponies ICD-T. "I Can Draw" Grid Paper Pad ($2.95) JIM HENSON BOOKS (see prices Mow) H01. Learn to Draw The Muppets ($8.95) HBB1. Draw Along with Baby Kermit ($5.95) JOURNALS ($16.95 ea.) JL1. Kissing Frogs JL2. To Have and to Hold JL3. My Chaotic Life jL4. My Chaotic Life's Senior Year KIDS CAN DRAW SERIES ($3.95 ea.) KCD1. Arctic Animals KCD2. Forest Animals KCD3. Dinosaurs KCD4. Favorite Pets KCD5. The Ocean KCD6. The Mountains KCD7. African Animals KCD8. Animals of the World KCD9. Birds of the World KCD10. Fairy Tales

KCD11. The Circus KCD12. Farm Animals


KCDB1-H. Kids Can Draw Animals KCDB2-H. Kids Can Draw Anything LAB BRATS ($12.95 ea.) DE21. Bugs & Beasties DE22. Cogs & Pulleys LEARN AND DRAW KITS ($12.95 ca.) YC1. Shapes in Outer Space! YC2. Colors in the Rain Forest! YC3. 1 to 10 Under the Sea! LOONEY TUNES " ANIMATION CEL PAINTING BOOKS ($16.95 ca.)

LTCEL1. How to Draw Bugs Bunny & Friends LTCEL2. How to Draw Tweetv & Friends LOONEY TUNES' BOARD BOOKS ($5.95 ea.) LTBB1. Learn to Draw with Baby Bugs & Baby

Daffy at the Beach LTBB2. Learn to Draw with Baby Sylvester &

Babv Tweety in the Garden LOONEY TUNES' SCHOOL OF DRAWING SERIES ($8.95 ea.)

LT01. Learn to Draw Bugs Bunny & Friends LT02. Learn to Draw The Tasmanian Devil & Friends

LT03. Learn to Draw Baby Looney Tunes'" MAKE IT WITH PAPER ($9.95 ea.) RP01. Paper Animals RP02. Paper Pop-ups RP03. Paper Flowers RP04. Paper Boxes RP05. Paper Cards RP06. Paper jewelry

MARVEL SUPER HEROES " SERIES ($8.95 ca.) M01. How to Draw Spider-Man M02. How to Draw Ghost Rider M03. How to Draw Iron Man M04. How to Draw X-Men M05. How to Draw Silver Surfer MEMORY CALENDAR ($14.95 ea.) YT2. Memory Calendar MINI MASTERS ($9.95 ea.) DE01. Paper Craft & Origami DE02. Printing DE03. Optical Illusions DE04. Magic DE05. Calligraphy DE06. Sand Art DE07. Playground Games DE08. Detectives

MY 1st DRAW AND LEARN ($9.95 ea.) EDI. I Can Draw My 1st Dictionary STARTING OUT BOOKS ($4.95 ea.)

501. Mad About Markers

502. Crazy About Colored Pencils

503. Wild About Watercolors WALTER FOSTER ART KITS ($14.95 ea.)

K02. Pencil Drawing Kit K03. Colored Pencil Drawing Kit K07. Calligraphy Kit WALTER FOSTER CARTOONING KITS ($14.95 ca.) K08. Animation Kit K09. Cartooning Drawing Kit K10. Cartoon Animals Kit WALTER FOSTER PAINTING KITS ($19.95 ea.) K04. Watercolor Painting Kit K05. Acrylic Painting Kit K06. Oil Painting Kit

WARNER BROS. COLLECTIONS ($14.95 ca.) AN01. How to Animate the Looney

Tunes" Way CB10. Batman and the DC Comics

Super Heroes'" LT10. Learn to Draw Looney Tunes'" WARNER BROS. SERIES ($8.95 ca.) CN01. How to Draw Scooby-Doo! WB01. How to Draw Quest for Camelot YOU CAN DRAW COLLECTIONS ($12.95 ca.) ICDB1-H. You Can Draw Nature ICDB2-H. You Can Draw Cartoon Characters

Books not listed arc out of print and no longer available.

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Pencil Drawing Beginners Guide

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