"Vale of Best," Millais', 196

Value, meaning of the word as applied to a picture, 188

Values of tone drawing, the, 122

Van Dyck, his use of the straight line, 151

Variety in symmetry, 142

"Variety in Unity," 136

"Varying well," 136

Velazquez, 53, 60, 161

Venetian painters, and the music of edges, 193 Venetians, the, their use of straight lines, 151 Venetians, system and principles of design of the, 217 "Venus, Mercury, and Cupid," Correggio's, 206 Vertical, the, associated with the sublime, 149 Vertical lines, feeling associated with, 182 Vision, 38 Visual blindness, 47 Visual memory, the, 256

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