Painting and drawing, 110

Panel or canvas, the, 159

Paolo Uccello, 171

Paolo Veronese, 145, 163

Paper for drawing, 279, 284

Parallel shading, 100

Parallelism of lines, 145

Parthenon, the, 55

Pater, Walter, 29

Pen-and-ink drawing, 101, 282

Pens for pen-and-ink drawing, 283

Perspective, the study of, 36, 195

Philip IV, Velazquez' portrait of, 194

Photograph, failure of the, 72

Picture galleries, the influence of, 33

Pictures, small and large, treatment of, 183

Planes of tone, painting in the, 122

Pre-Raphaelite paintings, 46

Pre-Raphaelite movement, the, 257

Preparatory drawings, disadvantage of, 121

Primitive art, 55, 128

Primitive emotions, 21

Procedure, in commencing a drawing, 265

Profiles, beauty of, 140

Proportions, 228

Poppy oil and turpentine, the use of, 119 Portrait-drawing, 99, 239

"Portrait of the Artist's Daughter," Sir E. Burne-Jones's, 177 Pose, the, 251

Peuvis de Chavannes, 55, 103

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