Start with a Humanshaped Figure onhe parts of the body wh

Step Step Pencil Shading





You are free to choose the size, shape and balance of the parts.

Drawing squarish parts will make it look more like a robot, i.e., man-made.

Body Drawing

Draw joints in a way that makes it look like there are mechanical parts inside.

Small, evenly spaced circles resemble rivets.

Representation of metallic finish


(emphasize shadows)

Light representation



Draw Robot-like Figures Using Only Basic Parts. • Draw big, bold joints.

• Give the surface a strong metallic contrast.

Robots Body Parts

Example of finished block. Apply tone and plane.

Robot Manga

Cut diagonally.

Robot without corners cut off

Full Body

A square part becomes a metallic looking cube wher the corners are rounded off.

Cut diagonally.

Robots Comprint of Parts wrtti Straight Lines

Robot without corners cut off

Robotic Body Parts For Humans
be close together. This helps represent the shine of a smooth metallic edge.
Human Shaped Robot

Example of finished block. Apply tone and plane.

i» '" >vas drawn by selectively removing :ia using dual contour lines. Tones icc rd to accent the metallic feel of the s to apply it :r , about 50% I surxe. leaving *aif wtiite, I a shining s to apply it :r , about 50% I surxe. leaving *aif wtiite, I a shining

Manga Girl Woman Pencil Drawing


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Pencil Drawing Beginners Guide

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