The Colored Pencil Course Review

The Colored Pencil Course

Are you an artist? Are you struggling to produce rich and vibrant colors? Do your drawings look light and unfinished? Are you using the right colored pencils for your application? If you have been asking yourself this kind of questions before, ask no more. The solution to your problem is here, the colored pencil course.

It is not that you are not talented in the drawing, it might just be that you are not using your colored pencil well enough. There is a lot you need to know about colored pencils than you think because if you don’t, you will end up making unnecessary mistakes in your drawings.

The colored pencil course is here to assist you and share knowledge about colored pencil to enable you to be perfect in your drawings. The colored pencil course was created by Matt to reveal to those who are interested in drawing, the full potential of this extraordinary medium known as colored pencil. This course would teach you about the colored pencil, its features and techniques of application.

Facts about colored pencil

There are lots of things I am sure you never knew about colored pencils. It is an art medium constructed of a narrow, pigmented core encased in a wooden cylindrical case. Unlike graphite and charcoal pencils, colored pencils’ cores are wax- or oil-based and contain varying proportions of pigments, additives, and binding agents.  There are two major categories of colored pencils namely; water soluble and wax/oil-based colored pencils.

Colored pencils vary greatly in terms of its usability and its quality; concentration of pigments in the core, durability of the colored pencil, light-fastness of the pigments and softness of the lead are indicators of the quality of a brand of colored pencil and its market price.

Here are some facts about colored pencil you probably didn’t know, they are as follows;

  • The largest colored pencil drawing ever documented was over 500 yards long. It was completed by Jainthan Francis of New Jersey in 2009.
  • The first usage of colored wax mediums dates back as far as the Greek golden age.
  • Colored pencils were not at first used for artistic endeavors, but rather for checking and marking documents.
  • The largest colored pencil set in the world is sold by a Japanese company called Felissimo. The set has over 500 pencils that are all unique colors.

Colored pencils add more life to your drawings if you know how to use them.

Types of colored pencils

Colored pencils are manufactured for both practical and artistic purposes. The different types of colored pencils are as follows;

Pastel pencils

They are similar to hard pastels. Their advantage is that they can be sharpened to a fine point and so they are useful for adding details on pastel drawings.

Artist grade.

Artist-grade pencils are filled with higher concentrations of high-quality pigments than student-grade colored pencils. Their light-fastness resistance to UV rays in sunlight is also measured and documented. Artist-grade colored pencils have notable features like core durability, break and water resistance, and brand popularity. They have over 120 color sets which is the largest color range in colored pencils.


Unlike artist-grade pencils, light-fastness rating is usually not included in student-grade colored pencils. Core composition and pigment-binder ratio vary among artist- and student- grade colored pencils even if it is produced by the same company. Their color range is smaller than that of artist-grade; they have like 24 or 36 colors.

Watercolor pencils

They are also known as water-soluble pencils which can be used dry-like normal colored pencils- or they can be applied wet to get the desired watercolor effect. To apply a wet color, you need to lay down s dry pigment and then follow up with a damp paintbrush to spread the colors. Artist-grade watercolor pencils typically come in 60 or 72 colors.

Do not give away your colored pencil, they are of great importance than you think. Kindly allow Matt show you how to make them one of your favorite mediums for drawing. The colored pencil course will serve as a guide to teach how to make use of colored and allow them make your art rich and appeasing to the eyes of the public.

We all learn differently in our separate ways. The colored pencil course has been equipped with different teaching styles for learners to be to pick from and gain knowledge and understanding. Achieve your artwork goals using colored pencils by allowing Matt teach you and give you the secret to mastering their usability.


It would be a great experience to master the art and power of the colored pencil. Learn from the colored pencil course today and be a king of your own colored art drawings and achieve your goals in art. This is an opportunity of a lifetime, do not miss it for anything.

The Colored Pencil Course
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