Online Art Lessons Review

Online Art Lessons

Are you a keen of artistic works? Do you love painting but don't have enough skills? Are you a beginner and don't know the basics? Do you want a reliable source to become an expert in an artwork? Are you an expert and want to extend your knowledge with many more mediums and techniques? Find answers to these and many more questions in this factual review.

The man behind:

Mr. Nolan Clark is the author of this instructive website who has many years of solid experience in artwork and Mr. Dennis Clark is accompanying him in this worthwhile purpose. They both are your online tutors on this web interface who will give a practical demonstration of creativity. After many years of experience as certified professionals, they became able to make a portal where anyone can access and learn real artwork.

What will you get from it?

Online Art Lessons is an illuminating online platform where a person can learn about the actual artwork, what are the core fundamentals and basic techniques to follow, different and easy ways to do the same thing, how to make your artwork a unique work and every minimal instruction after which you can see a pro version of yourself. Significantly, this is not a course where you learn just selective techniques instead it is designed in a concise and comprehensive way to learn each concept with complete understanding. On this revealing hub, you will find over 400 classes, some courses, and tutorials. These three learning elements are different from each other that's why these are classified as:

  • The classes are optimized into easily understandable text and self-explanatory videos which are based upon a special type of artwork like how to paint rain on a window in oil, how to draw mist in the valley in pastel, how to draw a butterfly on flowers, etc. These classes are customized into multiple mediums, subjects, skill levels, and tutors. You can select specific of them according to your interest. The mediums include acrylic painting, all mediums, oil painting, pastel painting, pen and ink drawing, pencil drawing and watercolor painting. The subjects include animals, cityscapes, flowers, general, landscapes, portraits, seascapes, still life and transport. The skill levels include beginner, intermediate and advanced. The tutor options are Dennis Clark and Nolan Clark.
  • Each course is composed of many classes because they are designed for long-term and complete learning of a specific art. These courses are scheduled according to the time period of membership. They are also adjusted into many mediums, subjects, skill level, and tutors. The mediums and subjects in courses are a little bit difference but skill level and tutors are same as classes. The examples of the course are Daler Rowney water mixable oil paint course, portrait painting course, the composition made an easy course, etc.
  • Tutorials are different than classes and courses because they are not about how to draw or how to paint, it's an extra element which is about some rules or tips and selling of your artwork. Tutorials include some tags which are acrylic painting tips, general hints, and tips, pencil drawing tips, product reviews, sell your art and watercolor painting tips. Some examples of tutorials are how to seal, mount and varnish watercolor paintings, 3 ways to convey emotions in your artwork, split primary color wheel, etc.

Why choose them?

There are many courses out there but they all lack a true teaching method. There is a four-step teaching method which makes them unique and preferable above all. These four steps are:

  • Explain all the theory first.
  • Show the techniques with every step.
  • Do the work along the tutorials.
  • Feedback about tutors and peers.

The problem and its solution:

Many people are fond of artwork, they love painting, they want to draw everything they see but the problem is that they don't have enough skills or inborn talent and also they fail to seek guidance or proper training or they don't have any access to the reliable sources. Somehow they quit their passion due to unnecessary limitations. Nolan Clark dealt with all of these problems by developing this trusted and valuable course where everyone can have the access from his home and after getting guidance about every aspect of artwork, there remains no need to go anywhere else.

Can you have access to it?

Online Art Lessons is designed for all type of learners, whether you are a beginner or an expert it has something for everyone as there are three categories mentioned on the site beginner, intermediate and advanced. Everyone can approach it according to his taste and skill level.

The classes are narrated in the form of text and video demonstration. Over 100 classes can be accessed freely. New classes are added every week and new tutorials are sent automatically to the people who sign up. If a person paints or draws along, he will become VIP member and will have access over 400 classes with 800 hours of instruction. Courses are available to the members only.


This platform also provides an opportunity to earn a handsome amount of income by just referring to someone by using the referral link, he can be a friend, family or website traffic. Each time your referral becomes a member you will be granted 50% profit.

Online Art Lessons
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