Freelance Like A Pro Review

A 9 to 5 job has its own perks, but when it comes to freelancing, it cannot compete with its freedom. Freedom is what you’ve always wanted, no?

So, grab your share of it and start earning more than $5000/mo with Freelance Like A Pro.

What is Freelance Like A Pro?

Freelancing is the new face of work in this modern world. People from around the world are working on short terms or even hours to get things done for small to medium companies, also sometimes multi-national ones.

However, there are many trials and tribulations in getting there. Only a seasoned freelancer who has years of experience can pull off such a task. If you aren’t one of those, don’t worry, in the form of Freelance Like A Pro, you’ve got a mentor for yourself that can guide you through the treacherous but lucrative path of freelancing.

It is basically a guide developed by Roshan Jerad Perera (we’ll talk about him later) that deals with the ups and downs of freelancing and how a person can overcome them to land themselves projects worth 5 to 6 figures a month.

  • It has actionable steps to guide you on starting your full-time career as a freelancer without delving in hysteria, confusion, or risks.
  • There are plenty of case studies in the book that you can relate your knowledge to. Learn how big minds in the industry have worked their way through the common problems and how you can do it too by following their examples and learning from their actions.
  • There is plenty of bonus content provided by the author because hey, that’s what mentors do. They guide you properly and provide resources for your future.
  • You’d also find a freelance contract template in it. It will help you in protecting your rights yourself because, in the freelancing world, you’d have to create rules for your clients and yourself.
  • Freelancing can be done in many ways and one of the surefire ways is registering yourself on freelance marketplaces. This book lists more than 70 such websites so that your chance of attracting clients and making money does not run out at all.
  • Learning is important for succeeding and growing as a freelancer. There are resources out there that you can learn from, but the ones listed by this book are reputable and focused. After all, you don’t have time to waste on fluff and jargon, have you?
  • Once you’ve made clients and its time to contact them, you can always use the 5 email templates stated in the book. These templates can double or triple your chances of generating leads and making loyal clients.
  • The illustrations in this book make it even more interesting for an average reader. You won’t find any lesson boring. In fact, you’ll be appropriately guided by the illustrations on the subject matter.
  • Talking about lessons, there are 21 lessons in this book with 5 secrets to freelance success, all created and written by the author himself.

As you can see, Freelance Like A Pro encompasses every detail of skyrocketing your career as a freelancer. And the best thing is that you don’t need to have any prior knowledge of the field. Just grab the book, read through the pages, and act on the recommendations of the author. In no time, you’ll see yourself as an established and well-earning freelancer. There’s a guarantee to it.

Who is the author?

Now let’s meet the author, shall we?

Founder of the Freelancing Hacks, the 27 years old freelancer from Sri Lanka had little to cherish before he stepped in the world of freelancing. He was a high school drop out, a lazy person who didn’t value his work.

However, as it happens with successful people and experts, he found a mentor named Ziera Eliani who put some sense into him and made him believe his abilities.

As he started to work, he realized that freelancing was for him and as a freelance writer he started to earn more than the blog he had worked on or the magazine he was employed in before that.

In 4 years, he became a successful freelancer and till date, he’s earning in 5 figures.

His story may not be significant to you, but if you look closely, in those 6 years, he went through a lot of problems and faced challenges. Now, he does not want you to experience them, and this is the sole reason why he has written this book.

  • He has put all of his 4 years experience in this book so that you can get the best knowledge and guidance.
  • He has even sieved through the many freelancing books you can find on Amazon and has read many comments so that he could produce a book that is for everyone - actionable and concise.
  • He doesn’t want you to quit your job or studies. His method is so versatile that you can be a successful freelancer even if you don’t want to take any risks.

So, what are you waiting for? Get this PDF now and explore freelancing as you know it to earn $5000/mo or more.

Freelance Like A Pro
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