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Levator Palpebrae The Eyelid Lifter

Sleepy Eyelids

Opening the eye extra wide with the levator palpebrae acts to intensify many of the expressions. But even in an otherwise relaxed face, the contraction or relaxation of the levator can have a drastic effect. D. Sleepy. This iris is exactly half hidden. The relaxation of the levator allows the lid to fall. The pupil is partly blocked. This is a transitory state we cannot stay conscious for long once our lid has fallen this low.

Maximum material condition applied to coaxiality

Maximum Material Condition

In the previous examples, the geometrical tolerance has been related to a feature at its maximum material condition, and, provided the design function permits, the tolerance has increased when the feature has been finished away from the maximum material condition. Now the geometrical tolerance can also be specified in relation to a datum feature, and Fig. 22.13 shows a typical application and drawing instruction of a shoulder on a shaft. The shoulder is required to be coaxial with the shaft, which acts as the datum. Again, provided the design function permits, further relaxation of the quoted geometrical control can be achieved by applying the maximum material condition to the datum itself.

Portraiture Human Head Proportion

Outline Human Head

As the easiest to draw, and that which, probably, will show most clearly to the pupil the principles upon which he must rely for accuracy, let him begin with a full 01* front view of the Moutii and before making any attempt at expression he should become familiar with the actual form of the features, and be capable of delineating them knowingly. The first thing to be done is to get the beautiful line produced by the meeting of the lips. On a straight line first indicate the width of I he mouth, and then the centre, either by dots or faint lines (8) then proceed to express these points with due reference to the true form of the object after which indicate in the same way the thickness of the lips, etc. This done with care and precision, to connect the points and to produce a correct outline according to the form of the object you are imitating (22) will be found comparatively easy and with a correct outline you have a sure foundation upon which to proceed in the completion of your...

Courtyards Cloisters and Quiet Corners

Several of the buildings featured here were found in the southern Mediterranean, while one or two were found much closer to home. Common to all of them is the nature of the purpose for which they were built - to provide open-air spaces for some reason, usually concerned with relaxation or meditation. Courtyards and cloisters have also traditionally been secluded places where people could meet and conduct their affairs, be they spiritual or personal. Tranquillity and privacy, away from the prying eyes of the public, have always been important characteristics of these types of building.

Before You Begin

Hand Poses For Drawing

Before beginning the study of the figure, it is a good idea to carry out exercises to loosen the hand, in order to get rid of any tension or apprehension. Sketch a number of lines, concentric curves, spirals, hatching and cross-hatching until you feel a sense of relaxation both emotionally and physically. These exercises also serve to relax the excessive rigidity common in the wrist of the inexperienced artist. During this phase use various grades of pencils that will allow you to sketch lines of varying thicknesses. Get used to measuring out the pressure of the hand on the paper by sketching some lines with the finest of strokes and others with more incisive ones. By the systematic study of the drawings presented in this book, the student will find useful support in his training, which will lead him or her to practise at a professional level. We would advise you to work through the book consistently without missing out chapters. Typical exercises to do for each section are to copy...


Zygomaticus Major

The variable expressions of the human face, like the varied tones of the voice, are sensed and ever changeable. Expression is not always caused by the contraction of certain muscles, but rather from the combined action of many muscles as well as the relaxation of their opposing muscles. The same group act, for example, in both the expression of smiling and laughter, in a lesser or greater degree.


So how do you develop purpose for a picture The simple truth is that most pictures have a purpose, even if the picture is just a doodle while waiting for the train. The purpose of the doodle might have only been to explore some thoughts while relaxing. If, on the other hand, the doodles were small designs related to a product the artist was thinking about or they were pictures of a place the artist wanted to visit, the purpose of the doodle could be more than simple relaxation.

Mental Work

Don and creative noting of its results. As T said on p. 58, I now make in a. few minutes a fuller study than twenty years ago I should have made in a week of academic mornings. In other words, I concentrate more observation into those few minutes than I used to spread over days but the price1 is paid in the shape of rapid fatigue, and forced relaxation of perfect attention. I am convinced that most of the inadequate draughtsmanship with which we are overwhelmed is the simple outcome of want of taking sufficient pains with the subject. Voluminous production is not a proof of serious work. The trouble of thinking well and completely is the first trouble that people refuse to take. In the case of England though naturally the English are not the only offenders, far from it I cannot but agree with Mr. Douglas, when he says, in The South Wind, c The Englishman has principles but no convictions cast-iron principles which save him the trouble of thinking anything out for himself.' Art without...

Colour therapy

The treatment of physical, mental, emotional, psychosomatic and other disorders and ailments by the use of colour. It has been found that using blue and red light can be a valuable aid in getting rid of acne - the blue light kills the bacteria and the red light repairs skin tissue. Red can help to cure rheumatism and blue can reduce blood pressure and is used to help jaundiced babies to recover. Russian scientists have recently discovered the benefits to cosmonauts of wearing coloured lenses in space and coloured contact lenses are being used to help dyslexics. Green lenses aid relaxation (see green room) and orange-red lenses are apparently conducive to greater and more effective work output. Colour therapy has been practised since Egyptian times. In Roman times coloured material was used to aid the healing process in wounds and hospitals continue the practice of the Middle Ages in using differently coloured rooms to aid the recovery of the ill. See also Aura-Soma, chakra,...

Successful Sketch

Lagerfeld Kitchen Design Images

A good sketch is like a breath of fresh air. Looking at it should be an enlightening experience. The subject matter should be interesting, the composition should be appropriate and pleasing, and viewers must be able to see themselves in the picture rather than functioning merely as onlookers. The line should be forceful and should flow in a meaningful way. The strokes of the marker and the colors you use should evoke a sense of relaxation and freedom.

Relaxation Audio Sounds Relaxation

Relaxation Audio Sounds Relaxation

This is an audio all about guiding you to relaxation. This is a Relaxation Audio Sounds with sounds called Relaxation.

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