Practice Exercise


TASK: Describe various media and their parts, and techniques for using the media.

CONDITIONS: Given information and examples on various media and techniques.

STANDARDS: Prove knowledge by correctly responding to 75 percent or more of the multiple-choice test covering media and techniques.


In each of the following questions, SELECT the one answer which best completes the statement or answers the question. Indicate your response by circling the correct letter below.

To meet the 75 percent criteria, you must correctly answer 4 of the 5 questions in this practice exercise.

1. What do you call the materials you use to make an image?

a. Techniques b. Media c. Wash d. Stipple

2. Stipple and crosshatch are in which of the following group?

a. Wet-on-wet media b. Wash value scale c. Line techniques d. Tone media

3. In paint, what do you call the liquid that suspends the medium?

a. Vehicle b. Glue c. Pigment d. Acrylic

4. You need to create an illustration for camera-ready reproduction. Which media is the best choice of use?

a. Line art b. Pen and ink c. Water color d. Washes

5. Which tool or medium is recommended in drawing brick or shingle texture in a tone drawing?


Fan brush


Shading sheet


Pen and ink


Carpenter's pencil



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