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TASK: Identify and define the principles of realistic drawing and their interrelation ships.

CONDITIONS: Given information and examples of the principles of realistic drawing.

STANDARDS: Correctly responding to 75 percent or more of the multiple-choice test items covering principles of realistic drawing.


In each of the following questions, SELECT the one answer which BEST completes the statement or answers the question. Indicate your response by circling the correct letter below.

To meet the 75 percent criteria, you must correctly answer 6 of the 8 questions in this practice exercise.

1. Which are the principles of drawing?

a. Visual accuracy, systematic approach, and practice b. Value patterns, shading, and visual pacifism c. Blind contour, adaptability of basic form d. Form, proportion, depth, and structure

2. Which shows the correct order of steps you must use in the systematic approach?

a. Form, proportion, shading, and contour b. Form, proportion, contour, and shading c. Shading, contour, form, and proportion d. Proportion, shading, form, and contour

3. Which step of the systematic approach allows you to achieve the illusion of depth?

a. First and third b. Second and fifth c. Only the fourth d. Every step

4. The relative size and location of one form to another defines which step of the systematic approach?

a. Form b. Shading c. Contour d. Proportion

5. What have you achieved when you can draw what is actually there?

a. Passive acuity b. Visual accuracy c. Visual passivity d. Accurate reality

6. How do weight, length, direction, and quality relate to drawing?

a. Qualities of line b. Patterns of value c. Principles of form d. Techniques of contour

7. What do you call the difference between light and dark?

8. Which step of the systematic approach most emphasizes the illusion of depth on a form (contour, form, shading, or proportion) ?










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