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Government Auctions Authoritive Guide shows you a vast multitude of upcoming and current sources where you can profit, or otherwise get great deals at Government & Police Auctions. These include Federal, State and Local auctions of every type of Seized, Surplus and Abandoned property you can think of. And the Federal, State, and Local Governments and Police in the U.S. and Canada are generally willing to sell it all for whatever they can get. By becoming a purchaser at these auctions, you can save money when you buy the house, car, or boat of your dreams, or a multitude of other items suited to your personal or business needs. Continue reading...

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Highly Recommended

Of all books related to the topic, I love reading this e-book because of its well-planned flow of content. Even a beginner like me can easily gain huge amount of knowledge in a short period.

All the modules inside this ebook are very detailed and explanatory, there is nothing as comprehensive as this guide.

Lucid Dreaming Made Easy

With Lucid Dreaming Made Easy you will be able to: Recall Your Dreams Clearly with a technique that allows you to remember all your dreams easily. Experience Life-Like Dreams as if they were tangible and realistic events with no distinction between dreams and reality. Dream Lucidly For As Long As you Like using a simple yet very effective technique that works every time. Be Smarter, Richer, More Successful and Enhance Your Confidence by creating the world of your dreams. Travel to Other Dimensions, Experience Different Realities & Live the Perfect Life with no limits. Face your Fears and Overcome Your Phobias conquer your real life fears and nightmares easily. Master New Skills as Well as Polish your Existing Abilities become a real life genius with heaps of new-found knowledge. Improve Your Creativity by inspiring yourself through your Dreams Effortlessly. Have Mind-Blowing Out-Of-Body Experiences whenever you want or feel like doing something different. Satisfy Your Most Intimate Fantasies in a world where anything is possible and Only You are in control. Continue reading...

Lucid Dreaming Made Easy Summary

Contents: Ebook, Audios
Author: Benjamin Lime
Official Website:
Price: $47.00

Model Train Help Ebook 4th Edition

Model railroad e-book to help model railroaders build, maintain and repair model railroads and model trains.
Model Train Railroad Secrets. Model Railroading Enthusiast Robert Anderson Reveals Quick & Easy Ways To Design, Build, Maintain & Repair Your Very Own Realistic Model Railroad...without Making Costly Mistakes! Ideal For Beginners & Experienced Model Railroaders In Ho, Oo, N, O, Z Etc. Continue reading...

Model Train Help and 42 Video Series Summary

Format: Ebook
Official Website:
Price: $40.00

How To Draw People Step By Step

Simple Steps To Draw Anyone. Learn How To Draw People With Easy Step By Step Instruction. Discover The Techniques Of The Masters And Draw Beautiful Figure Drawings. You want to easily and skillfully accomplish: Knowing how to draw hair and have it look like realistic hair. How to draw clothes and have it look like they naturally fit on the body. How to draw a face and have it look like the person you are actually drawing with a likeness that brings your drawing alive. Knowing how to draw the right proportions when drawing the human figure. Knowing simple formulas that can help you with your block-in and lay-in to help you get realistic looking figures. Knowing how to draw a face as easy as drawing a circle. You may think this is impossible. How to draw the contour and getting a likeness to your model. Knowing how to draw the human figure without a model in front of you and you may mistakenly think it can't be done.

How To Draw People Step By Step Summary

Contents: Ebook
Author: Todd Harris
Official Website:
Price: $27.00

Real Art Lessons

Step By Step Explanation Of 400 Yr Old Painting Technique That Makes Painting Easy! Here's what you'll Discover within A Real Art Lesson You will learn all the technique needed to do any painting you would like. These same techniques can be used for the portrait and the landscape! I explain the differences. With over 140 pages of information and 225 photos you get a complete how-to manual. As much information as a weekend seminar. How you place your objects, lighting and composition. Know right away that you have a great painting started. How to prepare the canvas step by step. No more frustrating issues with your materials. How we transfer the drawing to the canvas. You don't have to know how to draw yet. You will see up-close, the umber under-layer, and how it is done. No more guess work in how to start your painting. The finished umber under-layer and all the steps to get you there! You'll impress and amaze your friends & family even at this stage of the painting. You will learn how to mix your paints. Continue reading...

Real Art Lessons Summary

Contents: Ebook, Videos, Lessons
Author: Delmus Phelp
Official Website:
Price: $19.97

How To Draw Muscles Step By Step

Ft is essential to understand how muscles work in motion. Exciting art begins and ends with action, and to that end, bodies must be stretched and pulled into any number of realistically rendered positions. When in motion, muscles take on new shapes that are sometimes surprising Some grow, some shrink, and others seem to appear as if from nowhere Although a lot of attention is usually given to the obvious muscles, such as biceps, pectorals, and abdominals, lesser noticed muscles, such as the...

Define Realistic Drawing

Draw Shapes Below Horizon Line

To draw realistically, you must first learn to see realistically. Be aware of what is really there. What you see when you look is visual reality. Being real, everything has three dimensions height, width, and depth. Visual reality is anything which exists that you see. Examples are trees, rocks, clouds, air effects, and light. Your mind becomes so accustomed to daily surroundings that you overlook what is actually there. When you draw these subjects, you suddenly realize you are not sure of...

The Hands Dimensions

Realistic Female Hands Draw

If you take the total dimensions of an open hand, viewed from the back, with the palm and fingers extended, you will fmd that the distance between the wrist and knuckles is similar to the distance between the knuckles and the tip of the middle finger. This isn't the only fact that you can ascertain by simply opening up the palm of the hand. For instance, you will find that, with the fingers outstretched, the length of the index finger is equal to that of the ring finger, and that the tip of the...

The Mouth analysis and structure

Female Face Sketches

The mouth is made up of two moving parts, the smaller and broader upper lip and the larger and fleshier lower lip. Where the lips join corresponds to a point one-third across each eye AA' BB' . The trapezoidal sulcus is found between the nose and the mouth, its central axis dividing the mouth exactly into two equal parts. Sketches of mouths from different perspectives. Seen in profile the upper lip is more exposed than the lower. All of the visualizations are drawn with the help of lines of...

Head Tilts and Turns

Drawing Female From Behind

What gives our modern leading man his sleek look Primarily, it's the contour line that flows from the zygomatic arch the cheekbone just behind the eye down to the chin. This creates a separate plane out of the front of the face, narrowing almost to a triangle. You can see this separate, but distinct, plane in every pose, no matter which way the head tilts. Ever wonder why all the guidelines drawn on the face are curved instead of straight It's because the head is round, not flat. Think of the...

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