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Photography Masterclass

This online training course can teach you how to take amazing, eye-catching photos that people will not believe are from you and not a professional photographer! If you own a DSLR camera still are not satisfied with the quality of photos that you are getting from your camera, that is not your fault! You are not to blame for this! Once you learn the proper technique for taking photos, you will be Shocked at the difference that you will see in your photos. You will go from low-quality, lackluster photos to beautiful, high-quality stunners! Don't be discouraged; go through this training program and start learning how to take really amazing quality photos with your DSLR camera! You will learn how to use the best equipment, how to master angles, and how to get the best out of the camera that you have to take the best photos ever! Read more here...

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Highly Recommended

This book comes with the great features it has and offers you a totally simple steps explaining everything in detail with a very understandable language for all those who are interested.

This book served its purpose to the maximum level. I am glad that I purchased it. If you are interested in this field, this is a must have.

Drawing So Whats In A Line

Next, and a rarity in portraiture and full body paintings, is the aged body's description as an edge. This is the most unflattering and not one portrait painters or photographers would push you aside to witness. It must be noted however, fashion photographers, fashion houses, et al, who are intent on finding models that bear a close resemblances to perambulating coat hangers are not adverse to this anorexia look. They however, use it more for purposes of ambiguity and decadent fascination, and that I will explain later on.

Front Pictorial And Ambiguous Light

Painting Pictorial

Front Light - the favorite of photographers, two dimensional artists, children and colorists where emphasis is on color and texture over form and value. Front light can eliminate the need for shading and shadows (which is a pity for they are a great joy and keep many artists from wandering aimlessly about the streets in the dead of night). Front light is also excellent for use in portraits of unremarkable people. Holbein's front light portrait of a Dutch princess eventually caused the schism that resulted in the formation of the Church of England. Like good putty front light can cover-up many faults.

Threepoint Perspective

Technical Freehand Sketching

Three-point perspective is a combination of one- and two-point perspectives. It is a spinoff of a one-point perspective because of the horizontal extension of the frontal plane (Figure a). The drawing will be extremely distorted unless the frontal plane is bent. This creates a curved picture plane (frontal plane), which functions as a fisheye or wide-angle lens (Figure b). The purpose is to widen and broaden the coverage, enhancing our normal perceptual experience and minimizing distortion

And Other Animals In Motion

In 1887, the University of Pennsylvania first published pioneering photographer Eadweard Muybridge's Animal Locomotion, an extraordinary compilation of highspeed sequential photographs that has never been superseded as the most detailed, complete and useful visual analysis of living movement ever captured on film. Now Dover has selected the best of Muybridge's animal photographs for this first inexpensive paperbound edition. It brings an unsurpassed pictorial reference within reach of artists, photographers, animators, zoologists anyone interested in the precise dynamics of how an animal moves.

Perspective Drawing Of Staircase

Drawing Perspective Landscapes Roads

Much patience is needed to determine shadows in very good drawings. Professional photographers often wait for hours for the sun to reach the right position before taking a shot of some architectural views. This indicates that the position of the light source and the arrangement of shadows is very important. With drawing of course we have rather more freedom than a photographer, and so it is permissible to compare the various possible shadow positions in rough-sketch form (shadow length and width) to find the most suitable optical location. The shadow must in any event be correctly constructed and as true to life as possible.

Advertising Illustration

Working alongside the art department of an advertising agency is the art-buying department. This manages the freelance sources of artwork the photographers, model-makers, directors, animators and illustrators. The art buyer keeps abreast of developments, trends, fashions and movements in each of the key disciplines by attending exhibition openings, scouring the art and design press and constantly calling in portfolios of work from individual practitioners and agencies representing the best in contemporary work. The art-buying department handles a vital aspect of the day-to-day running ol an advertising agency, as much of the talent utilised in

How Light Works Its Magic

Front Light - the favorite of photographers, two dimensional artists, children and colorists where emphasis is on color and texture over form and value. Front light can eliminate the need for shading and shadows (which is a pity for they are a great joy and keep many artists from wandering aimlessly about the streets in the dead of night). Front light is also excellent for use in portraits of unremarkable people. Holbein's front light portrait of a Dutch princess eventually caused the schism that resulted in the formation of the Church of England. Like good putty front light can cover-up many faults.

Photographs as a Source

Glowing Orange Sky Reflectiaon

There's one technicality which I should explain here. You'll notice that many of the landscapes underneath the skies are very dark. This is because the photographers have had to underexpose the base in order to provide clarity and definition in the sky. Naturally, this isn't a problem the artist painting on site has to contend with -perhaps this is why the best paintings are still those done en plan air. As you look through these pages, you'll see that most of the photographs show a good use of cloud types. Perhaps cirrus on one side, with cumulus or cumulonimbus 011 the other. However, I think you'll agree that they are all stimulating to the imagination. I haven't included any monochrome skies, either clear blue or overcast.

Postcards and stickers Jody Barton

Aircraft Design Drawing Basics

Each database will have a best-before date of six months most suppliers update their records every three months. A glance at the classified ads in the back pages of most prominent design and advertising magazines will detail any companies supplying contact information. Cold-calling - making telephone calls to potential clients on the off-chance that they may have work or want to view a portfolio - is rarely successful. There was a time when magazine art directors and design company creative directors would put aside an afternoon each week to view portfolios and meet with freelance illustrators and photographers. Unfortunately, this magical slot appears to have disappeared in recent years, partly due to increased workloads, but also because other forms of self-promotion have become popular. Clients, after the initial contact has been made, are happy to converse on the phone, via email and tg view images on screen from attachments or websites, so for many the face-to-face meeting has...


Traditionally, illustrators produce postcards as samples of their work. They are relatively inexpensive to produce, cheap to send, and art directors and designers often have filing systems to accommodate them for future reference. Postcards are normally A6 in size, but a double-Sized A5 card can look more professional. There are a vasl number of print companies that have tapped into the market for producing postcards, many working exclusively for freelance photographers, models, actors and illustrators. Their rates can be reasonable as they gang up' the artwork, printing entire sheets of cards and not beginning production and print until they have collected enough artwork to lill the sheet. A successful way of creating well-printed cards on a good stock is to set up a group of illustrators and photographers - enough for an entire sheet - and approach independent printers with the job. Remember it will increase the workload for the person charged with


Corporative Illustration Style

In a route Similar to that of successful fashion photographers, many illustrators have started by creating low-fee, directional images for magazines, viewing them as a testing ground for their work. The transition to creating advertising and publicity for fashion labels with greater budgets and fees proves that their work has appeal and longevity. Longevity in fashion, however, may nol last much longer than a couple of seasons,

Using Photography

'Carry a camera with you at all times' lias long been the advice to budding photographers by hardened commercial pros, specialists and teaching staff. Nowadays, recording life with a camera has bccomc the norm for practitioners of all art and design disciplines as well as just photographers. Seek the advice and skills of a friendly professional photographer or studio if possible - they know all the tricks of the trade and may even lend you the right kit.

This and That

The relative si e of an object is determined by the distance it is from the eye. If you look through a small aperture, such as a hole punched in paper with a small pencil lead, you may see a large mountain at a distance. Another good example of perspective is a railroad track. Stand in the center of the track and see how the rails run upward and inward till they meet and vanish at an indefinite point. In perspective, objects of this nature, below the level of the eye, ascend to eye level above the level of the eye they descend to the eye level. So telegraph wires beside the R. R. would descend and bear inward toward the track until they converge and vanish at eye level, which is also the Horizon Line.

Demanding Life

Josh Burgerman Artwork

Illustration is not for the faint-hearted. It can take a tough cookie to meet the demands and rigours of getting somewhere within a discipline that feels vastly unsupported, Without stand alone facilities in education, the lone illustrator must utilise Ihe media that other disciplines would first lay claim to, breaking into places that would normally be considered Ihe domain of other specialists. Gaining access to the drawing studio normally housed in the fine art department, the darkrooms occupied by the photography course, the print-making workshops open for students of print-making, the wood and metal workshops utilised by students of sculpture, architecture and furniture design and the computing facilities overrun by graphic design and motion graphics students is never going to be easy. But it happens -illustration students are a rare breed that Open doors and get things moving.

Depth Of Field

The human eye, like the camera, has a limited depth of field. In other words we focus on one level and the objects in front or behind are often blurred. When Deigo Velazquez painted Las Meninas he, along with many artists (pre-photography), painted everything in focus. This was part of the magic of painting as the viewers perception was thereby expanded - rather like a hologram. Today wide angle lens may produce something similar but unless you intend to spend hours in a darkroom it is an all or nothing solution.


Although I developed the studio course on which this book is based expressly for people with no artistic experience, it has also been useful to not-quite beginners, such as seasoned painters and graphic designers who may have missed a foundation in drawing. Photographers, familiar with composing images, may want to express with hand on paper what they've used a camera to record. Other not-quite beginners may have once been budding artists who began to develop their artistic potential but

Colour temperature

A quality of colour used by photographers to determine the correct kind of film and the appropriate filter to be used in relation to a particular light source. Colour temperature is measured in Kelvin Units (K's) or mireds by using a colour temperature meter. A particular temperature reading indicates the light source rather than its temperature and tells us that the light source emits a light resembling that which would be given out by a body having a temperature equal to the reading. Colour temperature increases the higher the blue wavelengths. A blue sky can produce a measurement 16,000 K and sunrise a measurement of between 2,000 and 3,000 K. Colours can be described as warm colours or cold colours.

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