Saving poses

Posing - Basics Saving poses

You can make new library names for poses directly in Poser and also in the Windows explorer. If you make them in Explorer, Poser has to initialize the directory again. (To do this, click one time on Poses). (1)

If you have a lot of pose-files, it will be helpful to set up this directory with a "!" in front of a name because it is easier to find again. (2)

You should use "speaking-names" for the poses or the the poses-series (v3-laser = Victoria 3 holding a laser sword). In Poser 5 you have to consider in which subdirectory you will put in the poses.

Poser directorie s are "key-sensitive" which means if you press an "s" you will go to the first directory that starts with "s".

"settings-poses" should be placed at the beginning. You can do this by writing a "0" (zero) in front of the filename. (3)

Poses will be saved in the directory

Curious Labs\Poser 4\Runtime\Libraries\Pose\Pose-set-name

Generally Poser will be installed in the directory c:\programs, but each other partition of the harddisc is also possible.

C:\Programme\CuriousLabs\Poser4\Runtinne\libraries\Pose\! v3 laser

Name *



I'LiJ 0 grasp (laser body

= 2Û).pz2 *fifg

27 KB


0 grasp (laser body

= 20).rsr

14 KB


3 Is 01 ,pz2

27 KB


HÜls Oi.rsr

6 KB


Bis 02,pz2

27 KB


j3 Is 02,rsr

5 KB


1 pose consists of two files: *.pz2 = parameter setup (the posesettings) *.rsr = preview of the pose

The previews can be replaced by other pictures (size: 91 x 91 pixels). This works e.g. with the Poser Explorer. (look at chapter 3).

Chapter 4

Chapter 4

Posing - Basics Saving poses

The saving of poses isn't really complicated. The most important thing is that the pose has been done correctly.

Extremely important: ALL BODY-VALUES HAVE TO BE SET TO "0"! It's better to check this again before saving a whole series of poses.

If those values haven't been set to "0", the figure won't remain in its original place, where it was placed in the beginning (body-values will not be saved). That means, if you leave body-values in the pose, you have to transfer the values from body to hip manually.

Example:Body = 0,003, Hüfte (Hip) = 0,145 New value for the hip = 0,148

If you don't do this you won't make a general useable pose.

Chapter 4

Posing - Basics Saving poses

Via "select subset" you can exclude special limbs from the pose (or include if you have switched off everything by clicking on the whole figure (1)). I presume that this is normally not so useful because I always see a pose as a composition of the whole body, but it's still possible to save, for example, a pose only for the upper body.

There are also tools available to do exactly the so-called partial poses but I won't explain this here.

Drawing Posing Expressions

It is also important to save WITHOUT the "morphs", because otherwise the pose will be calibrated to a particular figur (e.g. the face expression will be saved too).

If you want to save a pose in this way (e.g. with face expression), you have to save with morphs.

Chapter 4

Chapter 4

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