Portrait Draw Step By Step

Step When the head turns to a three-quarter view, the nose no longer looks symmetrical; we see more of one side. In this drawing, the head also tilts slightly upward, and so we see more of the underside of the nose. The artist starts with the slanted lines of the brow, leading downward along ihc eye sockets to the bridge of the nose. The bridge and side plane arc indicated by vertical lines that lead down to the base of the nose, which is roughly "one eye wide." Curving lines indicate the nostrils and the tip of the nose. The artist draws the eyes at the same time.

Step Step Portrait Drawing

Step 3, The side of the pencil begins to indicate the shapes of the shadows with rough, scribbly strokes. The light comes from the left, and so the right side of the nose is in shadow. So is the underside, which also casts a slanted shadow downward. The artist also begins to model the eye sockets, since their shapes are inseparable from the shape of the nose. You already begin to see the distinction between halftone and shadow on the tip and side of the nose.

Step Portrait Drawing

Step 2* Following the guidelines of Step 1, the artist refines the curved shapes of the nostrils, the tip of the nose, and its underside. He also refines the shapes of the eyes and the eye sockets that ilow into the sides of the nose.

Nose With Shadow

Step 4. The artist continues to build up the tones on the shadow side of the nose and around its tip. The wings of the nostrils are clearly defined by darker strokes, as well as by touches of reflected light. Notice that the rounded tip of the nose is modeled as a separate form, very much like a little ball. The artist darkens the eye sockets on cither side of the nose to make the bridge stand out more distinctly. He's erased the guidelines of Step I and continues to work on the surrounding features as he works on the nose.

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