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Object Drawing Sketching

OVERLAPPING: This obvious technique must be emphasized because may beginners tend to avoid it.

It is based on the fact that lines of sight intercepted by an opaque object simply stop, so that objects beyond are partially or totally concealed (literally "blocked off"). The result is a strong sense of foreground and background planes, forwardness and beyondness, in other words, DEPTH.

Horizon Line Real Life



In views of real life, and therefore in realistic pictures, the eye level (horizon line) is rarely visible, and vanishing points virtually never are. Yet the full significance of these concepts must be clearly understood. Working with an awareness of them and actually sketching them in temporarily are perspective drawing prerequisites.


Any two or more lines that are in reality parallel will, if extended indefinitely, appear to come together or meet at a point. This point is called the VANISHING POINT of these lines.

The classic and still best example of this phenomenon is the tracks of a railroad. The rails, in reality parallel, appear to converge and ultimately meet at a point in the distant horizon.

Many historical paintings of church interiors look something like this. If all the column capitals on each side, and then all the column bases, were "connected," and these lines "brought back" into the picture, they would meet at the same point as other similarly-oriented parallel lines such as the center aisle or the procession.

Perspective Drawing Columns

(The only exception to this occurs when the parallel lines are also parallel to the observer's face and to the picture plane. In this case, they neither recede nor converge and therefore do not have a vanishing point. For example, the edges of this brick wall and all its vertical and horizontal joints are exactly parallel to the observer's face and to the picture plane. Therefore, the verticals still appear vertical and the horizontals still appear horizontal and parallel to one another.)

The general truth of seeing and drawing (except for the special case above) is: ALL LINES WHICH IN REALITY ARE PARALLEL WILL CONVERGE TOWARD A SINGLE VANISHING POINT.

[24] Vanishing Points (Cont.)—When There Are Many Sets Of Parallel Lines Going In Different Directions,

Each Will Converge Toward Its Own Vanishing Point / /

[24] Vanishing Points (Cont.)—When There Are Many Sets Of Parallel Lines Going In Different Directions,

Each Will Converge Toward Its Own Vanishing Point / /

Perspective The Different House

Take a photograph of a house (or of any other object with several sets of parallel lines) and with straight-edge and pencil extend the converging lines until they meet. Notice how the siding, window sills, etc., will converge in one direction, the door, louvers, etc., in another, and the sloped roof, shingles, etc., in still another. Each set of parallel lines, in other words, has its own vanishing point.

Interior Vanishing Points
has more vanishing points. Notice that some exist far to the left or right of the picture and some (the tipped drawer) far above or below.

Therefore: REGARDLESS OF DIRECTION, EACH SET OF PARALLEL LINES WILL CONVERGE TOWARD ITS OWN VANISHING POINT. Check this for yourself in the professional examples across page.

Putnam County Playhouse. D'Amelio & Hohauser, Architects. Rendering by Sanford Hohauser

Beach House Sanford Hohauser

Beach House. D'Amelio & Hohauser, Architects. Rendering by Sanford Hohauser

Perspective Drawing Beach

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