Once A Basic Shape Such As A Cube Or A Rectangular Prism Is Drawn Correctly It Can Become The Guide

Geometric Shapes Rectangular Prism

The Basic Cube Can Become The Basis For An Endless Variety Of Objects [49]

Cube Shape

And So Can The Basic Brick Shape - Look Around And See

Rectangular PrismShape Perspective


The ties of the railroad and the black lines of the structure at the right are parallel to the picture plane; therefore they do not converge. The rails and the fancy lines of the structure are perpendicular to the picture plane; therefore they do converge, and since the observer's central visual ray points exactly in their direction, their vanishing point must be in the center of the picture. This is one-point perspective. Now look at the suitcase. Both sets of its horizontal lines are oblique to the picture plane; therefore they converge to left and right. The observer (top view) points in their direction to locate their vanishing points. This is two-point perspective.

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