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[76] Any Design Or Pattern Can Be Reproduced In Perspective By Means Of A Grid That Locates Its Important Points

For example, in the drawing at right, grid lines (light lines) have been drawn through the design's key points. This grid "transfers" the spacing of the points to the edges of the surrounding rectangle, thus creating measuring lines 1 and 2.

To locate the design in perspective, we simply draw the rectangle by approximation and then lay out measuring lines 1 and 2 from point A as shown. By using the special vanishing points of these lines, we can then transfer the edge measurements to the perspective rectangle. This, in turn, allows us to draw the grid in perspective, and the grid intersections enable us to reconstruct the design.

Here again a series of key points has been located on a grid, which has then been drawn in perspective.

The spacing of the points was transferred to the perspective view by using measuring lines "A to E" and "0 to 6".

(Measuring line "0 to 6" was located simply by sliding a paper with ticked-off spacings back and forth until it fit exactly between the proper guide lines.)

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