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earth's curvature realistic drawing

Thus, the diagrams on pages 28 and 29, showing a flat ground plane parallel to observer's eye level, are realistic and the conclusions drawn from them are valid. In fact, artists have for ages, and in every field of fine and applied art, used the concepts "eye level" and "nature's horizon line" interchangeably. In practical terms, this means that as the observer's eye level is raised or lowered, nature's horizon line always accompanies it and appears at the same horizontal level. It also means that a painting or drawing which shows any part of nature's horizon immediately indicates the artist's eye level and his relationship to the subject.

In the illustration below, therefore, the observer's eyes were exactly level with the picture's "center of interest." Note that both the horizon line and the line of the dune point to it.

Painted by William A. Smith for Redbook Magazine

William Smith

What Happens To Eye Level (Horizon Line) When You Look Straight Out, Down, Or Up??? [33]

Eye Level Horizon LinePerspective Sketch Set

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